Issue 106

07 Grassroots with passion

HOW THE OLDER SINGAPOREAN WORKER CAN REMAIN COMPETITIVE Once you hit a more matured age does it mean that you should take a back seat and watch youngsters work while you just enjoy time with friends and family? For the lucky ones who are financially independent it may be a yes but for those who have not made enough for their retirement, working is still a necessity. In fact, from the second half of this year, employers will be legally obliged to offer re-employment to eligible Singaporean workers up to the age of 67, two years higher than the current age ceiling, so Singaporeans are generally working longer in the job place. But how can the older worker ascertain employability? Contrary to popular belief, being older does not mean that you are disadvantaged. There are many winning factors for older workers, some job positions call for experienced matured workers and there are also openings where older workers can compete very well alongside youngsters. Below are some reasons employers hire older workers: Punctuality Have you seen fellow young workers who leisurely walk into the office at 10am even though the time to report for work is 830am? Their excuses would that they live far away and need time to commute to the office. But matured workers usually make it a point to be punctual and arrive on the dot for work. Honesty Older workers are prone to be honest as they see their job as a reflection of their personal integrity, compared to younger workers who think not much about telling a fib now and then just to get away with things or push the blame to fellow workers.


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