Issue 106


Grassroots with passion

Good listeners Older workers are also better listeners and hence easier to train. Relatively, younger workers may see themselves as smart enough and tune out when supervisors coach them on work details. Good mentors With years of experience behind them, older workers are better communicators to train fellow younger workers. With their seniority, younger workers may also look up to Older workers generally have a better understanding of how jobs can be done more efficiently, and the confidence they built over the years allows them to share ideas with management. Indeed older workers can produce high quality work with their dedication, but how can the older worker make himself more competitive? Make your skills more current It is important to keep up with changing technology, and learning these skills can make the older worker more marketable. With the SkillsFuture scheme, the government is offering matured workers a lot of subsidies for courses, older workers who have no employer sponsorship can use workfare to pay for the bulk of their course fees as well as the skillsFuture credit, and so not having to pay a single cent for current skills. older workers as convincing mentors. Efficiency and Confidence

Make sure your look is contemporary Clothes make the man, so they say and it is true. Older workers can look their part by dressing up for work, making sure their hairstyles are neat and their hair dyed. Working on your looks tell a whole lot about how you feel about yourself. Live in the now Older workers who harp on their past achievements a little too often, do so at their own risk. They need to move on not dwell on past ways of doing things. At the rate technology moves, everyone, but particularly the older worker, needs to find ways to adapt to new management and technology. Be flexible and adaptable Older workers who are more flexible and adaptable will find themselves with more job opportunities. People willing to work in the booming sectors such as the IT and healthcare for example will find themselves with a stable job to see them through their twilight years.

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