2019 Campaign Report

Stopping Drunk Driving Starts with You

Drunk driving is no longer acceptable, thanks to grassroots efforts that started in 1980 and continue today. Everyone has a responsibility to help eliminate drunk driving. In 1986, MADD introduced the “designated driver” as a personal choice and critical alternative to driving drunk. Designating a driver is now part of the social conscience. Today, there is no excuse to drive drunk and risk lives on the roadways. With rideshare, along with taxi cabs and other transportation options, it’s now easier than ever to make the right choice to not drink and drive. None of this would be possible without the grassroots efforts by victims and volunteers who changed public opinion about mixing alcohol and driving. Despite reducing drunk driving deaths by half since 1980, there is still much work to do. One death is too many. More than 10,500 a year is unconscionable. Every person can help eliminate drunk driving through their own personal choices, and by joining MADD to advocate for stronger laws, support law enforcement and by taking every opportunity to stand up to any suggestion that drunk driving is OK. It will take everyone to get to No More Victims.

The Safest Choice Plan ahead and designate a non-drinking driver.


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