Industry in Focus: Drakenstein Fire Services In conversation with Chief Fire Officer, Derick Damons Unseasonable fires disturbed the Boland in ear - ly June, reminding citizens of the vulnerability of our ecosystems and in contrast, the brave people who risk everything to battle blazes and keep us safe – our firefighters. Derick Damons, Chief Fire Officer at Drakenstein Municipality, talks about his career and gives guidance to prospective firefighters.

For Derick, a career in firefighting is something you should have an affinity for. “This was a calling. I did not choose the career; it chose me. I was also inspired by the discipline, uniform, the ethics and code of conduct of the fire service,” he noted. Firefighting is not a career like any other, but what exactly sets it apart? “In the face of fear, we still continue to do our job” – this phrase summarises the unique nature of firefighting. Our jobs are operational and it might seem as if most incidents are similar, but that is not the case. No two jobs are the same. Changing dynamics require firefighters to always be aware of the fickle nature at play. For example, the time of day when a fire occurs is one factor that plays a huge role.


VARS | July

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