By flying tandem with an instructor anyone can experience the kick of teasing gravity. These experiences are open to people of all ages and physical abilities, and require no previous experience. According to Mias, paragliding usually doesn’t trigger a person’s fear of heights and flying, and in many cases, it has helped them to overcome this phobia. “Funnily enough, almost half of the paragliders and pilots whom I know have a slight fear of heights but paragliding doesn’t trigger it,” he explains. After over 6 000 tandem flights he is confident that those who arrive scared, but still have the courage to persevere, almost always have the most fun. The team at Winelands Paragliding believes everyone should experience the thrill and the sense of empowerment flying and the outdoors give one. To do so in the beautiful Drakenstein is like a dream (to fly) come true. Contact Winelands Paragliding to book your next adventure.

Drakenstein Sport Calendar

Rugby Derby Klein Nederburg Secondary School vs New Orleans Secondary School

Paarl Interschools Paarl Boys' High vs Paarl Gimnasium

Date: 30 July 2022

Date: 13 August 2022

Location: Paarl

Location: Paarl

PSFA Blisters for Bread in Association with Lucky Star Charity Fun Walk

Date: 28 August 2022

Location: Paarl


VARS | July

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