Young Filmmaker Tackles Illegal Dumping

Bulelani Ndzuzo and his fellow “soldiers” in the war against waste take on illegal dumping in an upcoming documentary

For Bulelani Ndzuzo, who was born and bred in Mbekweni in Paarl, 2022 has been an impactful year. In May this year, he became the talk of the town when Blue Ribbon awarded him with a Kasi’Pride award for his involvement and activism within the community. More recently, he started making headlines for an upcoming documentary, “Scenes of Mbekweni”. This documentary will tackle the topic of illegal dumping in Mbekweni and is being executed in cooperation with two of his fellow “soldiers” from Mbekweni.

Vars visited Bulelani in Mbekweni to learn more about this project. True to his character, he involved the rest of the crew in the events of the day.

The “Scenes of Mbekweni” production team. From left to right: Thulani Poni, Bulelani Ndzuzo, and Siyabonga Stengana.

“I am currently working on a documentary titled ‘Scenes of Mbekweni’ in collaboration with a youth activist called Siyabonga Stengana and an international author, Thulani Poni, who acts as the producer on this project.” The three musketeers, all from Mbekweni, are equally passionate about uplifting the local community and one particular vehicle for community upliftment stands out for them: curbing illegal dumping.

Vars visited the inspiration behind “Scenes from Mbekweni”, Siyabonga Stengana, in 2021. In this video , he told us about his beautification projects.


VARS | July

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