Teeco Solutions August/September 2018


In 1997, we started a tent rental business from scratch. At the beginning of our first two years, we approached the business with high energy, creativity, and resolve. We worked long hours and reaped the rewards of more customers, great employees, and financial success. Thus, our formula for growth was set: Work long and hard. But by the third year, this formula was no longer a recipe for success. We were well-off financially. However, poor employee relationships, mounting customer complaints, and our overall lack of enthusiasm all pointed to the absence of growth. That’s when we realized the long hours of hard work that drove growth in our business had kept us too busy for personal lives. As business owners, our focus then shifted to looking for a different formula to achieve our goals. The answer ended up being what seemed like the direct opposite: Rest and think. It was clear that the business had suffered due to our lack of energy from working long hours at the expense of our personal lives. So we handed over some of our daily tasks to employees and made the work of improving the efficiency of the company our daily routine. This made all the difference. Employees wanted to be with us again, complaints turned into compliments, we were leading effectively, and growth was possible again. We’ve since sold that business and shaped what has now become our mission: “Better Lives for a Better Business. Better Business for Better Lives.” A great life affords more time and energy to focus on building a better business. Likewise, having an efficient business affords the time and energy to focus on a better life. With that in mind, our goal is simple: We want to make party rental firms more efficient and more profitable. It is our sincere hope that sharing our experience will help create better lives and a better business for our customers.

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