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How Math & Technology Help in Preserving Veteran Trees Speaker: Christopher Rippey | 1 CEU Online Store:

the capabilities of each detection system, their strengths and weaknesses, their relative costs, and what urban forest managers can expect to do with each detection system. Ur- ban forest professionals will also understand what education and staffing resources will be required in this new technology environment, including what software and hardware systems may be needed to analyze imaging data, what career paths for staffing may arise, and possible on the ground changes will also be discussed. Dan is the Principal of Arbor Drone, LLC, a green technology firm in California. Arbor Drone analyzes green infrastructure including built environments, orchards, vineyards and hemp. He studied Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry at UC Davis, and Urban Planning specializing in urban ecology under a National Science Foundation IG- ERT grant at the University of Washington. Preparing City Trees for Driverless Vehicles: Changing Roadsides as an Opportunity Speaker: Dan Staley | 3/4 CEU | 3/4 CFE  Online Store: Recent events have increased the need for deliveries of a wide range of products direct- ly to homes and businesses, replacing direct visits to brick-and-mortar stores, and this trend likely will continue in the future. Driverless vehicles for deliveries and transport are right around the corner and will change how curbsides are configured in many urban settings. How will this new curbside infrastructure design affect existing and future urban trees? Urban planners are already discussing how driverless vehicles will change road- ways and curbsides, and this impending change is an opportunity for urban forest man- agers to guide policy from the beginning. What will driverless designs for roadsides look like?What functions will be performed in these new spaces? What design opportunities for green infrastructure are possible, and how will they get energy and water? Urban for- est managers can help guide these discussions to ensure robust planting spaces will be created (or preserved) to provide maximum benefits to this new transportation infrastruc - ture design. This presentation will discuss what to expect in these new curbside features, including: retrofits, new construction design, opportunities for expanding rooting volume, and appropriate tree species for new curbside services in the future.

Math and Technology are being used more widely in preserving trees, especially veteran trees. This webinar will show how math and technology are being used in several ad- vanced tree assessment tools and tree assessment methodologies. The audience will learn how these tools and methodologies are limited and see how applying hard mathe- matical rules is not always appropriate when working with the natural world.

Chris Rippey is a third generation professional arborist with 23 years ex- perience in tree wizardry.

Green Infrastructure Monitoring & Technology: The State of the Art Speaker: Dan Staley | 3/4 CEU | 3/4 CFE  Online Store: Aerial remote sensing imaging technology is changing the way we perceive, measure, and monitor the earth’s ecosystems, including green infrastructure in the urban forest. Imaging systems such as constellations of satellites orbiting any spot on the earth once a day, aircraft with powerful camera platforms, and drones able to detect objects centi- meters across are imaging the urban forest in ways that have never been more accessi- ble. Aerial imaging technology can help green infrastructure professionals better monitor and manage urban forests against threats such as worsening heat waves, increasing in- cidents of severe weather, expansion of urban heat islands, effects of man-made climate change, movement of exotic pests such as Emerald Ash Borer, and long-term impacts of drought. Aerial imaging technology can also monitor construction progress, track permit compliance, measure impervious surface expansion and impacts, calculate tree cano- py volume, inventory infrastructure assets, and much more. This webinar will describe

ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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