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Dan is the Principal of Arbor Drone, LLC, a green technology firm in California. Arbor Drone analyzes green infrastructure including built en- vironments, orchards, vineyards and hemp. He studied Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry at UC Davis, and Urban Planning spe- cializing in urban ecology under a National Science Foundation IGERT grant at the University of Washington. Dan’s applied research on ur- ban forests and green infrastructure has appeared in scholarly journals, proceedings, symposia, policy papers, and trade magazines. Before re- turning to the Left Coast, Dan was a Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the City of Aurora, Colorado. Homeowner Knowledge & Perceptions of Tree Care & Preservation on Residential Properties Speaker: Kaitlyn Pike | 1 CEU Online Store: Trees provide significant benefits to human society. Urban trees, however, are often at odds with their environment due to injury, disturbance, inadequate planting space, or lack of care. Construction, in particular, can present a significant challenge; studies have found that unchecked construction activities can negatively impact the condition of tree trunks and root systems - which can ultimately lead to early tree death. To safeguard the benefits that trees provide, communities have begun to enact tree preservation ordinanc - es that provide guidelines, backed by policy, for tree preservation during construction. This webinar provides an example of a municipality that has established a comprehen- sive tree preservation ordinance and the results of two studies: 1) an evaluation of the effectiveness of the City’s ordinance in protecting trees on residential properties, and 2) a summary of the attitudes, knowledge, and practices of the homeowners of these same residential properties, as told through survey data.

Kaitlyn is a Ph.D. student studying urban forest governance and green equity at The University of British Columbia. Kaitlyn’s research inter- ests revolve around people’s perceptions and values of green spaces and how to best protect and manage trees in an increasingly urban- ized world. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys nature photography, video games, and turning anything into an adventure.

Wildlife BMPs: Beyond the Western Chapter Speaker: Ryan Gilpin | 1/2 CEU | 1/2 CFE Online Store:

How should arborists prepare for wildlife encounters during tree work? What steps should they take to protect wildlife, follow relevant laws, and get their work done? Arborists around the UnitedStates and Canada, and the world, are grappling with these questions to try to figure out how best to act responsibly around wildlife during tree work. The Tree Care for Birds and Other Wildlife program of the Western Chapter ISA have released a new edition of Best Management Practices, specifically designed to be able to be used by a broader audience of tree care professionals in other chapters. This presentation will share the collaborative process of creating these BMPs, which involved input from a diverse group of wildlife biologists, agency representatives, wildlife advocates, field ar - borists, and consulting arborists. We will highlight key features of the BMPs particularly relevant to the Pacific Northwest and possible next steps for the PNW-ISA Chapter to create their own program/version of the BMPs.

Ryan Gilpin manages Nidus Consulting and provides arboricultural and ecological consulting services. Ryan’s education was in ecology with work experience in conservation and arboriculture. Ryan has consulted on hundreds of projects and trained many arborists to perform consult- ing service. Ryan is particularly interested in: tree preservation, minimiz- ing impacts to nesting wildlife during tree care, creating wildlife habitat and any combination of trees and birds.

ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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