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arboriculture and urban forestry practitioners interested in integrating more digital prac- tices into strategic planning and management.

Dr. Amanda A. Carpenter, PT is a human performance wellness ex- pert with over 20 years of experience working in the health career field helping people reclaim and maximize their health and vitality. She has both a doctorate and MS in physical therapy as well as a BS in health science, certifications in professional training, ergonomic assessment, health coaching, and resiliency coaching. Dr. Carpenter is an expert in the science and practice of biomechanics and ergonomics, working with industrial athletes and families to improve their health and vitality. She

Sophie Nitoslawski is a PhD Candidate in urban forestry at The Univer- sity of British Columbia. Her research and professional interests include urban forest biodiversity, green infrastructure planning, urban technol- ogy, and municipal sustainability and resilience. She is particularly in- terested in how smart cities and digital technologies will shape urban forestry and green space management. Sophie participates in teaching activities for the undergraduate urban forestry program at UBC, and is currently a member of the International Society of Arboriculture Science

is an internationally recognized lecturer for the arboriculture industry teaching programs designed to optimize the health, productivity, and safety of industrial workers and fami- lies. She is the Owner and a Foundational Health Educator for COR HealthSolutions, as well as Certified HeartMath® Coach/Mentor, Trainer and Practitioner. She has had the opportunity to work with thousands of injured workers and uses this experience in her teaching. Inviting Academia Into the Urban Forest: How Cross-Sector Partnerships Cut Costs and Create Benefits for Students, businesses, and Trees Speaker: Maegan Blansett | 1 CEU | 1 CFE Online Store: Equitable access to the benefits of trees is the top priority in our industry right now, and evaluating canopy distribution is the first step in enabling cities to guide the manage - ment of their urban forests in an equitable way. Last year, PlanIT Geo™ performed an urban tree canopy assessment and created an urban forest management plan for the City of Tacoma, WA, which focused on prioritizing environmental justice on their journey to increase tree canopy from 20% to 30%. However, as a consulting firm, the scope of services we can provide to clients is limited by our contract and the community’s resourc- es. In a creative new collaboration, our company partnered with a group of graduate students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who performed a series of ad- ditional analyses for the City of Tacoma. Three master’s students interested in urban forestry spent a year taking a deeper dive into our newly-derived canopy data to assess trees’ impacts on air quality and human health. An equity index model based on five indicators was designed: canopy coverage,

and Research Committee. Building Personal & Team Resilience to Optimize Performance of the Tree Worker Speaker: Dr. Amanda Carpenter | 1 CEU Online Store: Your occupation as a production tree care professional and/or your hobby as a competi- tive climber can be beneficial to your health and vitality. The work you do does not have to break your body down physically. By addressing foundational health factors, the work you do will build your health and body up, rather than breaking your body down. This we- binar will address key lifestyle factors related to human performance that are necessary for optimal health and to ensure longer, safer careers and better quality of life outside of your job. You will learn easy to implement strategies to improve energy and performance, while reducing the risk of chronic disease and reducing the risk of injury. Attendees will leave feeling inspired about how your occupation or hobby as a tree climber benefits your health, and with easy to implement strategies to immediately improve your physical and mental ideal performance both on and off the job.

ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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