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demographics, climate, air quality, and health . Results revealed that tree canopy dis- tribution in Tacoma is currently uneven, and the inclusion of these additional indicators helped to identify priority areas in need of intervention to maximize socio-economic and environmental benefits while minimizing harm. In addition to offering real-world experi - ence, the students’ project will help PlanITGeo better guide future clients in allocating limited resources to promote resiliency and increase the equitable dispersal of environ- mental benefits.

James Komen is a consulting arborist in California specializing in risk assessment and tree appraisal. He helps clients make informed man- agement decisions for individual trees and for tree inventories. His work has been published in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry, Arboricultural Consultant, Palms, Ontario Arborist and Western Arborist. He is an ISA TRAQ instructor and has taught workshops on tree appraisal around the U.S. and Canada.

Maegan has a background in earth science, forestry, conservation plan- ning and data analysis. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master’s degree in Environmen- tal Science & Management from the University of California, Santa Bar- bara, and attended the Municipal Forestry Institute in February 2020.

Regenerative Pruning: Research on Overextended Trees, Practice on Hollow Trees Speakers: Guy Meilleur | 1 CEU Online Store:

This webinar will recognize international research and standards for pruning veteran trees, and how they inform current practice; appreciate the benefits and low costs of comprehensive inspection and specified structural pruning; witness biomechanics re - search confirming field experience; “high risk” trees become smaller and safer; and learn how to communicate and implement simple, TRAQ compliant pruning specifications for big old trees. Guy Meilleur is an ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist, and author of 34 episodes in ISA’s Detective Dendro series. A former curator and lecturer at NC State University, Instructor at Duke University, Staff Arborist at the University of North Carolina, Guy chaired the ANSI A300 committee that created the US standard for tree inspection and root management, and collaborates with the Ancient Tree Forum. Historic Tree Care values and manages veteran trees. Services include expert witnessing and commu- nity education, managing trees with flare care, soil improvement, light - ning and support systems, and pruning to improve tree health, stability, and longevity.

Machine-Generated Report Writing Speaker: James Komen | 1 CEU Online Store:

Tree inventory report writing can be tedious, especially when the number of assets in the inventory numbers in the hundreds or thousands. Reports that effectively commu- nicate important details about each tree can be very time consuming to write. But with the help of some computer algorithms, a simple spreadsheet can be transformed into a plain-English written report in a matter of minutes! Watch a demonstration of how to turn an Excel spreadsheet file of tree inventory data into a formatted report with para - graph-form descriptions of each tree aligned with each tree’s photo. The presentation focuses on excel formulas, coding, keyboard shortcuts, and formatting tips that can save participants a great deal of time in their report writing. The presenter will walk through the workflow and demonstrate in real time how to turn a tree inventory excel sheet into a 200-page report. Registrants will receive a copy of two excel spreadsheets containing the formulas discussed.

ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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