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The Tools We Use Speaker: Phillip Kelley | 1 CEU Online Store:

and structural assessments. People are also a key component of the project. The City of Eureka, CA has declined from its heyday as a center of the redwood lumber industry. Changing times and new opportunities led the City’s leadership to embrace the Skywalk and show the community of Humboldt County that it is resilient as well. Consulting arbor- ists with Tree Solutions Inc. coordinated with the City and Zoo Staff, Eureka Community, General Contractor, Engineers, and the ground and tree supported Bridge Builders. Attendees will learn more about tree biology and biomechanics, as well as how a con- sulting arborist can provide key information and guidance for two simultaneous projects.

This webinar will discuss the tools tree climbers use every day to stay safe and make money. From carabiners to the human body, how can we build systems that are com- patible, well configured and resilient? What procedures and habits can we create to lengthen our life span in the industry? What are some of the signs of fatigue? And, when should we retire?

Along with 49 years of experience in the field of arboriculture, Scott Bak - er worked in related fields including building code implementation, and development of urban and rural properties. Founder of Tree Solutions Inc., which employs 11 field consultants, Scott and his team inspect and assess trees for many reasons including risk assessment. Through his association with ISA and TCIA, Scott is known as a passionate, ethical, and knowledgeable arborist/ecologist with a broad knowledge base and the ability to simplify complex concepts. Scott is a Lantra Certified Skills

Phillip Kelley is Leader of Team Development & Training for Wright Tree Service (current); Contract climber and owner of Samara Tree Pres- ervation (current); Lead Instructor, North American Training Solutions (2009); and, has 26 years of active field experience. He has served as the Head Technician International Tree Climbing Championship (2018-pres- ent); Head Judge, North American Tree Climbing Championship (2014 -2018); Head Judge, Aerial Rescue International Tree Climbing Cham- pionship (2013 - 2018); Head Technician, Georgia Arborist Association

Based Instructor who has experience facilitating Tree Academy events, speaking at the ISA International and Chapter events, and the World Treehouse Conference, just to name a few. Putting the MD Back in Tree Doctor Speaker: Alexander Martin | 1 CEU Online Store: Arboriculture practices can be informed and enhanced through precedence from the medical profession. This webinar discusses Consulting (examining the benefits and det - riments of early career involvement in the consultation sector based on precedence from medicine); Diagnosis (systematic assessment can standardize operations, ensur- ing consistent procedures and comparable results for later analyses); Treatment (In examining unnecessary treatments, the presentation looks at the use of general applica- tion fertilizer for mature tree, breaking down the fundamentals of unnecessary treatment through the lens of medical ethics); Mitigation (clients retain the right to refuse treatment. How is this reflected in tree risk assessment and plant health care recommendations?

Tree Climbing Championship (2009-2013); Past President of the Georgia Arborist Asso- ciation; CertifiedArborist, International Society of Arboriculture (2000 - present); Certified Line Clearance Tree Trimmer; Approved TCIAASTI Trainer; Certified in all TCIA arborist programs; author of multiple articles published in industry magazines; and speaker at numerous industry events and conferences since 2012. Redwood Skywalk at Sequoia Park Speaker: Scott Baker | 1 CEU Online Store: Redwood Skywalk is situated in a grove of large redwoods, some over 250 feet tall and created so that visitors of any ability can view the forest from more than 90 feet off the ground! An icon of resiliency, redwoods are incredibly long lived and survive fire, wind and logging. The resiliency of the redwood ecosystem is extraordinary. The Skywalk project involves science-based ecosystem management, arboricultural tree assessment,

ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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