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Specialized Equipment’s New Roll in Utility Vegetation Management Systems Speaker: Jon-Paul Paulsen | 1 CEU | 1 CFE Monday, October 25, 2021 | 8:30 am PDT | Live Q&A following webinar Online Store: This webinar will outline the new roll specialized equipment plays in Utility Vegetation Management Programs in urban, wildland urban interface and rural areas. Participants of this program will learn about: Factors which have driven the specialized equipment approach to utility vegetation management; what the various equipment types are, and where each type of equipment is effective as well as the benefits and challenges associ - ated with their use; how current environmental challenges such as forest health, wildfire exposure to communities and post post wildfire hazards have necessitated changes in utility vegetation management plans, prompting the increased use of specialized equip- ment; the balance, as a utility contractor, between mitigating environmental hazards around utility rights-of-way, while minimizing risk and exposure resulting from the work which is conducted; what roll private landowners play in vegetation management plans and the use of specialized equipment on their properties; discuss current labor force challenges and the resulting effects on vegetation management contractors. For those who live, work and/or play in the Pacific or Inland North West, the convergence of Wild - fire, Forest Health and the increasing wildland urban interphase as forced communities and resource managers to become resourceful and “Resilient”. This presentation sheds some light on an evolving management practice which works to protect citizens, proper- ty and communities to safely keep the lights on.

What key components help the client make an informed decision and prevent arborists from influencing outcomes?); Industry-funded Research (Scrutiny of industry-funded re - search can be compared to pharmaceutical trials. How does this impact practitioners seeking guidance from academia?); and Jack of all Trades (A heart surgeon would not attempt to fix a torn ACL, so should an arborist attempt to diagnosis issues affecting an entire forest stand? In this section, the impacts of inter versus intra disciplinary involve- ment are discussed). In resiliency-based progression of arboriculture, understanding communication and eth- ics based on precedence from other professions can help structure arboriculture in a purposeful manner that is reflective of best practices.

Alexander Martin, BCMA CTSP is the Director of Ironwood Urban For- estry Consulting Inc. Originally from Manitoba, Canada, Alexander has a background as a climbing arborist and supervisor with experience in municipal contract work and Dutch elm disease programs. He special- izes in municipal arboriculture consultation and the merger of sociology and urban forest management.

Jon-Paul Paulsen has been the Region Manager for Asplundh Tree Ex- pert LLC since July 2017. He is responsible for oversight and manage- ment of all region management team members, operations, safety and fleet, as well as sales and growth of the region. He has been an ISA Certified Arborist (RM# 0845AT) since 1997; ISA Certified Tree Worker/ Climber Specialist since 2002; and majored in Wildlife Management at the University of Nevada in Reno, NV.

ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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ATC ‘21 - Resilient Communities: People, Places & Trees

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