• Sell to an investor and retain property management • Keep for long-term hold, personally or use retirement accounts A buy/sell machine is for top performers who want a large piece of the pie in their area. It takes a lot of energy, personal resources and funding behind you to create this type of opera- tion. It’s only possible to create this kind of activity if you have opportunities in the form of house-buying leads. You have got to have qualified leads to acquire properties at discount for your buy/sell machine. There are many real estate gurus out there who claim they have the secret sauce, and in most cases they want you to buy their educational products and services. We’ve seen much of this over the years, and most of these gurus make their money in the classroom, not in the suburban and urban jungles where buy/ sell machines are created. Often, they teach old techniques that work in certain markets and under specific economic conditions, such as REOs or short sales, which hardly exist anymore. Those opportunities have dried up as values have risen and the MLS has investors and would-be homebuyers fighting for scraps. If you do what everybody else does, you will get what every- body else gets. Is that what you want? A FAST HOME SOLUTIONS FRANCHISE IS THE ANSWER How would you like off-market leads to buy houses delivered directly to your email or phone? Yes, it’s possible, by becoming a Fast Home Solutions Franchi- see is right now! Here’s who this franchise opportunity is for: • Buyers who want to be the top performer in their market • Aggressive, hard-hitting hustlers who realize that second place is the first place loser (as the great Ricky Bobby said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last”) • Hedge funds that have a knowledgeable buyer in their mar- ketplace who can negotiate directly with homeowners • Property managers who want to buy, rehab and sell to their clients while retaining management This is where the rubber meets the road. It doesn’t take much knowledge to buy at auctions because you just have to negoti-

ate, not bid. Just ask RJ. I know he bought a house on a lake in Alabama recently that required only $40,000 down, and he took over a mortgage and expects to make more than $100,000 on this one transaction—with only $40,000 out of pocket! By the way, RJ was the beta tester for our service. Negotiating with homeowners and absentee sellers is far different than raising your hand to bid at auction or telling your Realtor what to offer. This is a skill set that is crucial for anyone who wants to operate a buy/sell machine. WE’LL SHOWYOU HOWTO NEGOTIATE Most property managers and buyers for hedge funds have not honed these skills. You could have all the leads in the world, but they are useless if you can’t close the sale with the seller. We’ll show you how to negotiate.
 When you cut to the chase and really simplify this business, nothing is more important than the leads, the ability to negotiate them and properly memorialize the terms in an agreement. We can make this so simple for you that anyone can do it. And isn’t simple what everyone wants? If you’re a property manager and you’re not selling houses to your investors, you’re missing out on a lot of money. Anthony Salmeri, owner of National ERA Servicing, LLC, has created a property management company that was a startup five years ago. Today, he has more than 750 houses under management. How did he do it? He bought the houses at discount, rehabbed them and sold them to investors. Simple. LET’S SEE IFWE CAN MAKE AMATCH If this sounds like something that would be good for your enterprise, join me at this landing page and let’s determine if we could be a good fit for each other. Go to www.InvestorDealFlow. com and I look forward to very briefly introducing myself and part of our team. Look, not everyone can be the big dog in your area. We created a product that will work for everyone, even those who are content to buy only one or two houses a month. Click here: Dominate your market! •

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