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4 Top 2020 Home Trends to Make Your Space Extra Comfortable


Comfort food isn't the only comforting thing trending this year. With everyone spending more time at home, many have found creative ways of making their home cozier,

Also, in one study, Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab found that participants snacked on double the calories when standing in a messy kitchen compared to a clean one. Not only is making the kitchen ready for a cooking show easier than you think, but it’s healthier, too. Add more leafy plants. You can feel like you’re someplace far, far away — yet, still at home — if you’re surrounded by lush, leafy green plants. Not only does the color brighten the space, but plants provide an additional sense of warmth and comfort to any room. Kitchen plants, like herbs, can serve a dual-purpose: color and flavor! Consider classic blue. An inviting color can have the same comforting effect on your mood as a warm blanket can have on your body. This might be why the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is classic blue — “a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk.” After this crazy year, a calming, deep, sophisticated blue is perfect for our homes. Pick up a dark blue blanket as a practical accent piece or add a fresh coat of paint to any space or furniture item. A lovely shade of blue can instantly make your space look more peaceful, especially with a beautiful contrasting white accent or trim.

too. Pair your Thanksgiving comfort meal with these easy, rewarding home upgrades and

make you and your family happier and more comfy this fall!

Create a colorful, Instagram-worthy kitchen. Don’t you love the sleek, beautiful kitchens on cooking shows? What’s so special about them? It’s not just the matching towels or their shiny new pots and pans. There’s simply no clutter. All tools and ingredients are found in well-organized, easy-to- navigate glass or ceramic containers. There’s plenty of natural, warm, and bright lighting. To make your kitchen more inviting, add mirrors to the walls to expand your natural light. If you want a bigger project and want to follow a popular 2020 trend, shy away from all-white kitchens and paint the cabinets a bold color. You can go big or do just a few things to modify your kitchen to look more chic than ever!

We hope these ideas help inspire you to make home a little more comfortable this year. Happy decorating!


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