Regenerative tourism #noussommesvivants

Regenerative tourism opens up new growth potentials Regenerative tourism is focused on the capacity of living things, human non-human, to prosper in a shared living space. “As with soil, the potential for vitality exists in any community and in any place. The work of regeneration is therefore about working together to discover and cultivate this potential through mutual care of people and places. To practice regeneration on an ongoing basis, it is necessary to cultivate the human and more-than-human community as fertile soil in order to promote health and generate new possibilities and allow the community to realize its potential for prosperity. tourism, we must regenerate the vitality of places, local people, businesses, communities and the complex ecological systems that underpin them" Michelle Holliday recognized for her regenerative approaches to work and community, particularly for her work in Canada. Sophia Alami makes a link between regenerative tourism and regenerative agriculture which plays a central and structuring role at the territorial level and gives everyone the means to become actors of change (source).

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