Regenerative tourism #noussommesvivants

Yet delivering resilience needed to withstand disruptions As in regenerative agriculture, the results of regenerative practices focused on the care given to the touristic socio-ecosystem are numerous and varied. Michelle Holliday notes the following: ● Each host community has the potential to develop its own character and be cohesive, which trickles down to residents, attracts and enriches visitors, and mobilizes supporting resources ● People from everywhere are capable of cultivating a warm welcome toward their neighbors and visitors, even across differences and conflicts ● Welcoming and caring can extend to the land itself, as people find meaning in working together to regenerate surrounding ecosystems and come to feel supported and welcomed by the place ● In many ways, communities are discovering that possibilities multiply when they work together and combine learning, healing, vitality and potential. ● Thus, the tourism sector not only generates gross revenues, but also a “net benefit” for communities, a term to which they will give their own definition. It also provides well-being to guests and visitors. On this basis, communities develop the resilience needed to withstand future disruptions. Each place becomes a home, for residents and, temporarily, for visitors. source

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