Annual Report 2018

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES Membership Services is an invaluable support and development system for our current and future members. Strictly speaking, the work we do in Membership Services is not regulatory. There are no investigations of complaints going on this group. Nor are there practice reviews launched or panels struck to update practice standards. Membership Services is not disciplining members or asking them to correct their processes. But APEGA believes that good regulation has a whole other component: strong and appropriate services for members and permit holders. This group is about all the other things that go into being a well-rounded professional. It’s here to provide members trusted programs, services, and tools to create and maintain a successful career and balanced life.

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Career Services APEGA offers a variety of career services to meet the needs of our members and future members. In 2018, we launched student mentoring pilot programs at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. We continued to improve our mentoring program, and enrollment continues to grow. We made mentoring more efficient, started new initiatives, and reached out to members more often with news stories and refreshed advertising. Coming soon: speed mentoring. PD sessions have grown in number and attendance. Group registrations are more common than they used to be—which means our messaging is reaching larger groups of peers and colleagues.


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