Awesome athlete enjoys amazing adventures

Véronique Boucher (second from left) and the her rowing mates after their podium "nish for the bronze for Canada at the World Cup Rowing Championships. «Oh, but it’s completely surreal,» she said. «It’s an amazing feeling to know that we’re one of the top countries in the world (for rowing).» Her enthusiasm for her sport, her opti- mismand desire to always challenge herself are things she wants to share with others. So she’s committed right now to at least three public-speaking engagements at local schools and she would love to domore of the same, in between her training and practice. «It has been a dreamof mine to become a motivational speaker,» she said, «ever since my amputation (accident).» It’s a good bet she will "nd a way to work that challenge into her future life, along with her desire to become a professional photographer and own her own studio, in between continuing to pursue her athletic endeavours, both present and future. «It’s all just amazing.»


A is for amazing, the favourite word for Véronique Boucher when she describes what her life is like these days as an athlete enjoying awesome adventures abroad as part of Team Canada’s pararowing crew. «Rowing is amazing,» Boucher said, with a smile bright enough to light up a room. «It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. It challenges me mentally, and physically.» A challenge is something Boucher seems to have always been seeking for herself, at least as far as athletics are concerned. When she was younger, the challenge for the 19-year-old Clarence Creek athlete was "gureskating, something she was very good at, a gold-medal winner for her hometown club. Until an accident several years ago. She was 14 and driving a UTE (utility vehicle) when it 'ipped and her left hand was caught underneath as the UTE dragged along the ground for several metres before stopping. Her memory is blank about those horri"c moments. All she remembers is waking up in the hospital afterwards and "nding out three "ngers on her left hand were now gone. After physiotherapy taught her how to use her left hand again, Boucher started looking around for another athletic challenge for herself. She could and does still skate, for fun, but no longer for "gureskating because she is worries about what might happen if she fails to complete a jump and tries to break her fall with her left hand. Her best friend, Elsa Lalonde, suggested she look into the pararowing programat the Ottawa Rowing Club. Boucher was intrigued. «I didn’t want to give up being an athlete,» she said. «I said ‘I’ll do something great with my hand, not just endure the fact that I’m scared. So I worked my butt o# for a year and a half.» Her coach and trainer, Paul Hawksworth, told her last November that she was ready to try out for the national team. She went to the tryouts and made the cut. «It was amazing,» she said, smiling. «I got tomove to Victoria (B.C.), train three or four hours a day, every day except Sunday.» Boucher is a sweeper on a "ve-member rowing team of four with a coxswain who calls out the stroke and also serves as navi- gator. A good day of rowing leaves her with sore legs, «like doing deadlifts», and ready for icing aching muscles and going for a bit of physical therapy as part of her cooldown. But all the training, all the aches, were all worth it when she and her oarmates repre- sented Canada at the World Cup Rowing Championships in Aiguebelette, France. Competing in the LTA4-plus (legs, trunk, and arms) category, Boucher and her mates rowed against "ve other crews in the "nals, including the favoured pararowing teams from Great Britain and the U.S.A. %ey claimed the bronze for Canada, which quali"es their rowing team for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next summer. «Next year, we’ll get ‘em,» Boucher vowed, grinning at a suggestion that she and her oarmates should emulate Canada’s Olympic hockey teams and glue a loonie or toonie onto the bow of their scull to ensure success against Teams Britain and America in 2016.




ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Full time - 40 hours per week

ENDROIT: La Cité de Clarence-Rockland

LOCATION: City of Clarence-Rockland

La Cité de Clarence-Rockland est à la recherche d’un(e) agent(e) à l’application des lois municipales pour combler un poste à temps plein de 40 heures/semaine au Service de la réglementation. EXIGENCES : • Doit être bilingue (français et anglais, parlé et écrit); • Doit avoir 3 ans d’expérience dans un domaine connexe; • Doit détenir au minimum un diplôme d’études collégiales dans le domaine de la sécurité publique; • Doit avoir des connaissances en informatique (Word, internet et autres); • Doit avoir d’excellentes habiletés en communication et relations publiques; • Doit être disponible à travailler le jour, le soir, les !ns de semaine ou pendant la nuit; • Une véri!cation du casier judiciaire doit être fournie à l’embauche seulement (elle doit dater de moins de trois mois avant la date où elle est requise) et est une condition d'emploi.

The City of Clarence-Rockland requires the services of aMunicipal LawEnforcement O"cer to !ll a 40 hours per week full time position with the Municipal Law Enforcement Service. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be bilingual (French and English, spoken and written); • Must have 3 years’experience in a related !eld; • Must hold at least a college diploma in the !eld of public security; • Must have some knowledge of computers and software (Word, internet and others); • Must have excellent communication skills and public relations; • Must be available to work during the day, evening, weekends or night shifts; • A criminal record check must be provided upon hiring only (must be dated less than three months prior to the requested date) and is a condition of employment.

Salaire: 21,20$ à 25,09$/heure

Salary: $21.20 to $25.09/hour

Seuls les candidats retenus pour une entrevue seront contactés.

Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Les personnes intéressées doivent faire parvenir leur curriculum vitae portant la mention « O!re d’emploi, poste d’agent(e) à l’application des lois municipales, poste à temps plein, Service de la réglementation » avant 16h, le 25 septembre 2015 à : Ginette Vallée Ressources humaines 1560, rue Laurier Rockland, ON K4K 1P7

Interested candidates are requested to submit their résumé marked “Employment o!er, Municipal Law Enforcement O$cer, Full time position, By-Law Department” before 4:00 p.m., September 25, 2015 to:

Ginette Vallée Human Resources 1560 Laurier Street Rockland, ON K4K 1P7

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