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Teachers’ union rejects government proposal available for as many activities outside of the classroom as usual. %e Elementary Teachers Federation

Teachers at elementary schools in Pres- cott-Russell and other parts of Ontario will be in class as usual but they may not be

Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA). Hammond accused the province and the OPSBA of pushing for a new contract deal similar to the one given to the union repre- senting high school teachers. He said such a contract does not address the needs of ETFO members. “%e ETFO is not prepared to accept a #awed deal that does not address our members’ needs and the needs of public elementary students in the long-term, just to increase the Liberal Party’s chances in Oc- tober’s federal election,” Hammond stated. “A student who is six years old has di&erent educational needs that a student who is 16. Anyone with children knows that is true. As a result, elementary teachers’ working needs will be di&erent than secondary teachers, so the imposition of a cookie-cutter deal just won’t work.” %e union has been in a legal strike po- sition for several months now. Hammond stated that the ETFO contracts focus on working conditions for teachers and learning conditions for students, not salaries. At pres- ent the union bargaining strategy outside of formal negotiations calls for reducing ETFO members’ involvement in volunteer activi- ties outside of the classroom. %is means school administration and/or parent volun- teers may need to take over supervision or provision of some extracurricular activities or else they will be suspended until the union and province come to terms.

of Ontario (EFTO) has rejected what its president SamHammond described as the provincial government’s “cookie-cutter approach” to bargaining with the teacher unions in Ontario. He also accused the Wynne provincial government of trying for a quick-$x to provide some positive public relations to the federal election campaign of Justin Trudeau. “Premier Wynne wants to impose another union’s deal on the ETFO,” statedHammond in a news release. “She wants to impose a quick deal, not a reasonable deal, for el- ementary teachers to help Mr. Trudeau’s chances in the federal election.” Talks broke o& Sept. 11 between bargain- ing representatives for the union and both the provincial government and the Ontario

False report !led OPP investigation has determined an alleged incident of a suspicious man trying to lure a child in the Calabogie area of Eastern Ontario, reported Aug. 29, did not take place. Police have closed the book on the file. All residents in the region are still advised to teach their children about “stranger danger” but also to warn them about the consequences of making a false report to police. – Gregg Chamberlain Rabies warning update Earlier this year, signs of rabies were found in raccoons caught and killed near the joint border between Ontario, Québec and New York state. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has issued a reminder to resi- dents since the initial notice went out to take precautions against rabies through vaccination of their own pets and to make sure to keep their dogs and cats from wandering in the woods. Also make sure children understand they are to avoid close encounters with wild animals and all family members must refrain from feeding wild animals or leaving out food which might attract wild animals. Homeowners are also reminded to make sure their homes are secure against animals like bats or wood rats and mice, which may be carriers of rabies. Ontario Natural Resources, the Québec forest ministry, and the New York state agriculture department have all worked together on a rabies vaccine bait distribution project for their respective areas. So far there are no reports of anyone bitten by a rabid animal. Anyone seeing an animal which appears sick or acting in a strange manner should call Ontario Natural Resources toll-free at 1-888-574-6656. – Gregg Chamberlain

Tournée des arts et des ateliers / Art and Studio Tour Rencontrez les artistes dans un cadre intimiste et chaleureux. Voyez-les à l’oeuvre dans leur environnement. Meet the artists and see them at work in a relaxed and warm setting.

2015 Prescott-Russell

26 et 27 septembre 2015 de 10 h à 17 h September 26 and 27, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

France Couillard-Patenaude - Denis Martel - Tina Petrovicz Jaki Lepage-Aubin - Ghislaine J. Auger-Boileau - Anna Russell Claire M. Labrosse - Francine Jolicoeur-Séguin - Jean Pigeon - Suzanne Bohay Hélène Charbonneau - Joyce Pihl - Dale Garvin - France Poliquin Reenie Marx - Hélène Desjardins - Manon Sauvé - Nathalie Frenière

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