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John was awesome. He worked around my schedule, making himself available on weekends and whenever I needed to look at properties, discuss properties, and eventually, work with the seller on my behalf. He responded in a timely manner and stayed involved in the whole process, making sure I didn’t have to lift a finger other than signing my paperwork. I never felt like I was bothering him, as he was caring and always open to answer all my questions. It took about three months for me to find the one . Once I saw this property in Matawan, NJ, I just knew it was right. I was able to see my vision for the boutique come to life right there. John confirmed the lease was a fair price and in a good area, and he was very reassuring. It is tucked away in a cute shopping center with 25 storefronts — I’m so excited! For me, the most stressful part of the process was waiting for everything to go through before the lease was finalized. It felt like the longest time, but John made sure I was updated on the process every step of the way. That reassurance really helped to keep me calm. Now, here I am — currently picking out clothing racks and clothes for my very own boutique. This has always been a big dream of mine, and I am so thankful for John

Few things are more exciting than helping someone find their dream home. However, helping someone find the location for their brand-new business is thrilling and inspiring on a whole new level. When I met Jennifer, the ambition in her eyes as she set out on her new business endeavor made me feel honored to assist in the process. I truly enjoyed getting to know Jennifer and wish her all the best. Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing your experience!

I began my career with an MBA in accounting. I thought for sure that was the right path for me, and I went on to work in corporate accounting in the city. After some time, I knew it was time to make a change and begin something new. I always had a passion for fashion, and although entrepreneurship can be terrifying, I made the decision to trade in my accounting career for owning and managing my own boutique. I found myself in the market for a commercial property, and I was referred to John through my parents. I knew I was searching for a high- traffic property — something that had a lot of other shops in the plaza. The property had to feel right for me, too.

helping me to find my storefront and make my dream a reality! All There Boutique is currently under construction and set to open on Nov. 5, 2021, and I could not be more thrilled! I cannot wait to begin my journey as a business owner.

Thank you, John!




breaks, or else we’ll stress ourselves out and negatively affect other areas of our lives. Stress tends to keep us from sound sleep, but reading fiction before bed engages the imagination, taking us away from the stresses of everyday life before we drift off. More Comfort With Uncertainty Even though many stories (particularly those portrayed in popular movies) have nice happy endings, most people would agree that life sometimes leaves things a little more open-ended. While this fact might stress out some people, researchers have discovered that fiction readers don’t need “cognitive closure” as much as nonfiction readers. Greater Happiness Even if none of the benefits of fiction interest you, everyone wants to find ways to make themselves happy — and for many, that is reading fiction. According to one survey, 76% of participants said that

Many CEOs and other successful individuals continually espouse the benefits of regular reading. Many times, leaders read self-help books to improve their leadership skills and become more successful. This is all well and good, but even the most successful people in the world could be missing out on the unique benefits that come specifically from reading fiction. But what are those benefits exactly? Greater Empathy When a psychologist analyzed 86 functioning MRI (fMRI) studies, he found that the same parts of the brain that fire up when reading fictional stories also fire up when we’re seeking to understand the thoughts and feelings of others. That’s because when the characters in the book we’re reading are thinking or feeling a certain way, we tend to think or feel that way with them. Less Stress and Better Sleep When we read fiction specifically, we tend to disengage from the world — and that’s a good thing! Our brains can’t always be functioning at their peak capacity. We need


reading makes them feel good and improves their lives. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off that novel you’ve been meaning to read and crack it open! You Can Use WHAT to Tidy Up?!


your hand along the length of it, you will gather tons of nasty dirt and dust onto the sock.

Prepping for the holidays is exciting and fun, but it requires tons of planning, cooking, decorating, and cleaning. To avoid getting bogged down while preparing for cheerful celebrations with friends and family, try these easy ways to get your house sparkling clean and ready to host. Roll the Ceilings When it comes to ceilings, especially if they are textured, thoroughly cleaning off dust, dander, and cobwebs can be challenging. When you use a broom, chunks typically go flying around and make a larger mess. However, if you whip out a painting roller, dampen it, and roll your ceilings just like you are painting, you are sure to get the job done!

Cleaning Balls Utilizing tennis balls for your house chores may sound strange. However, when drying a bulky bed comforter in your dryer, adding a few tennis balls will ensure the stuffing does not gather all to one side. The balls help keep everything nice and even. Pillowcases and Fans Your ceiling fans collect all of the nasties — dirt, dust, bugs, and allergens. For an easy way to clean them without spreading all the grime around your home, turn to old pillowcases! Simply slip the pillowcase over each individual fan blade and then wipe. All of the debris will end up in the pillowcase itself. A clean home is the key to happy living and is paramount for hosting over the holidays. With these tricks up your sleeve, you are now a cleaning expert!

Socks on Your Hands Have you ever run a finger along a panel of your blinds and it comes up black? Blinds tend to be huge dust collectors. By throwing some socks on your hands, you can get back to clean blinds. All you have to do is find a pair of old socks, “glove up,” and dampen them. From there, if you grip each individual blind panel and slide


What Do Home Inspectors Look for in New York? WHAT TO EXPECT ON INSPECTION DAY

something bigger may be going on with the home. When structural problems are not repaired, major damage can occur, raising safety concerns and red flags. Home systems and plumbing are also looked at carefully during the inspection, especially the drainage pipe materials, faucets, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Where there are plumbing issues, water damage is likely, which can lead to mold. It should be noted that a sewage inspection is not included in the home inspection. The home’s fences, landscaping, driveways, drainage, doors, electrical, roof, and appliances will all be examined for signs of damage or safety concerns. An inspector will always find something that needs to be updated or repaired, so again, do not be alarmed and frustrated by a long list of items provided by a home inspector. The list of repairs ensures the buyer and seller arrive at a fair deal and indicates what needs to be done before the sale is complete.

If you have ever bought or sold a home, you are no stranger to the stressors of the process. After an offer is made and accepted, it’s inspection time! The offer acceptance is an exciting time for both parties, but they both also share the worry and anxiety over the inspection. The home inspection contingency clause that appears in the vast majority of real estate contracts states that the buyer has the right to negotiate their offer, rescind their offer, and/or request repairs on the property after the home inspection has been completed. Knowing ahead of time about the big-ticket items home inspectors look at can help alleviate some of the anxiety. Almost always, a home inspection in New York comes back with a repair list. The structural integrity of the home is arguably the most important portion of the inspection. The home inspector will look at the ceilings, walls, foundation, and floors closely. Cracks, uneven floors, gaps between walls and floors, and gaps around windows are all indications that


Inspired by

This one’s for the candy corn lovers! This “pizza” is far from traditional, but once you try it, you might find yourself making it every October!


• 1/2 cup chocolate chips • 1/4 cup vanilla frosting (store- bought or homemade)

• 1 roll Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter • 1 cup candy corn


1. Preheat oven to 350 F. 2. Grease a round, 12-inch pan and line with cookie dough, ensuring the dough covers all but the outer 1/2 inch. 3. Bake for 16–20 minutes until golden brown. Cool completely. 4. Spread the peanut butter over the cooled cookie dough, then sprinkle on the candy corn and chocolate chips. 5. In a small bowl, microwave the frosting for 15 seconds or until liquified. 6. Drizzle the frosting over the “pizza,” slice, and serve!

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other popular sports leagues like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the National Hockey League (NHL). (It even assisted HBO!)

You don’t become America’s national pastime without learning how to adapt — and Major League Baseball (MLB) made the ultimate pivot.

In 2017, one of the biggest players in movies, Disney, invested in BAMTech, claiming a majority stake, and began its transition into streaming services. Soon after, as The Hustle reported in July 2021, Disney announced Disney+, a streaming platform whose features were similar to that of Netflix and BAM. In March 2021, Disney+ hit more than 100 million users, making it a powerhouse in streaming — all created because of BAMTech. Today, BAM and BAMTech are credited with being on the forefront of streaming services and continue to hold a power position over streaming and within entertainment companies. “Media companies are not good at tech and really struggle with large scale,” says investment analyst Rich Greenfield in The Verge. “They don’t trust companies like Google or Amazon, who want to displace them. BAM is seen as friendly.”

This October, MLB’s biggest stars and teams with the most wins all-time will take the field for the 2021 playoffs. The winners will be crowned champions of the world, but the league these champs call home already owns an equally prestigious title: the founders of streaming services. Their legendary reign started back in the early 2000s, when former MLB commissioner Bud Selig asked every team in the league to contribute $4 million for the creation of Baseball Advanced Media (BAM). At that time, the dot-com bubble had yet to burst, and Selig wanted America’s once favorite sport to “keep up with the times,” so to speak. BAM created a website for each team, but it soon took on other qualities that gave it an edge. The Hustle reports that BAM offered online video, multidevice watching services, and a large data and broadband structure before other major platforms even existed. BAM became such a smashing success that it soon became BAMTech and started creating platforms for 4

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