Real Estate Journal — March 25 - April 14, 2016 — 1A


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7:15 am Registration 7:30 am Breakfast

7:55 am - 12:00 pm Program 7:55 AM Welcome & Introduction 8:00 AMMarket Update: An Evaluation of the Office Market & What Tenants require today • State of the Office Market in New Jersey • Vacancy Rates: Newark and Suburban office market update • Leasing trends: what projects are leasing up and why? • What are the factors driving demand and what areas of New Jersey are experiencing growth? • How have the needs of tenants affected what brokers need to know to lease property in today’s market? • What do tenants demand of brokers today and what do terms look like today? • Predictions on where the office market will be in the next year 9:00 AM Critical Capital Markets & New Jersey Office Investment Strategies • Where are interest rates at today and where are they heading? • Who is Buying What & Why? • Recap of recent major transactions and how the deals got done • What Investors are currently most active in the New Jersey Office market? • What is currently trading and what are the CAP rates? • How are appraiser valuations effecting sales? • Office investment predictions for the next year • Where is the CMBS market today & what other alternative financing is available for the Office Sector? 10:00 AM Break 10:10AMThe Value of Tenant Improvements in securing new leases and retaining tenants • The importance of design – how that correlates to leasing and developing a more profitable project • Construction Trends – How Tenant Improvements have changed • How quality Tenant Improvements can help spur leasing activity • Success Stories – How good design and planning can impact leasing activity • Future Trends in Tenant Improvements – Construction & Design 11:05 AMThe Future of Office Development: New Jersey Developer Titans Panel Register at MAREJournal.com

• Recap on successful Office projects completed in the last year • How to overcome challenges to get your Office project completed • What types of development are needed and where are the opportunities? • What is in store for downtown Newark development vs. Suburban development? • Construction trends and changes that will affect our industry • What are your predictions for the next 1 year? 12:00 p.m. Networking

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