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“Our job is to help our pat ients l ive again af ter years of pain and hopelessness. ” There came a time when it hurt to just pick up a cup of coffee, and Mark was ready to give up on life. It was in his most desperate hour that Mark and his wife found our office. We took Mark in, figured out his condition, and came up with a plan. When I spoke to him for the first time, I could see hope in this man’s eyes. I knew Mark didn’t want to get his hopes up for fear of being let down, but at our office, he found something new and he wanted to see where it would go. He started treatment, adopted a nutrition plan, and put in the time. His life didn’t change overnight, but today, I’m proud to report Mark is 98 percent pain-free. The first time I met Mark, he and his wife were in tears. Mark is a patient of mine who suffered from a very rare condition of nerve damage. He was in such pain that it didn’t just hurt to walk; it hurt to live life. Mark went to countless doctors and specialists, willing to try anything just to get out of pain. Every doctor did the same thing: They gave him some pills and sent him to pain management.

I don’t mean to make the work we do at Advanced Nerve and Laser Center sound like a magical cure-all. What we can do is miraculous, but it takes time and hard work. It’s not a 100 percent guarantee. We can’t always help everybody. But for the people we can help — those who put in the work and respond to the treatment — we have the power to make real change in their lives. I’m amazed by what we can do. When I see Mark in the office today, all smiles and full of life, that’s pretty badass. Today there are so many doctors who claim to treat neuropathy, but many of their “treatments” stop at pills or just teaching patients to “live with the pain.” That can’t be the end of the line! Our job is to help our patients live again after years of pain and hopelessness. So many of our clients find us after they spend years hearing the same things over and over from different doctors and being offered treatment plans that don’t solve their problems. It can be hard to imagine a better future after so many letdowns. Helping patients find hope is a powerful responsibility, and my staff and I aim to rise to the occasion by doing more than just being here for their appointment. Nothing makes us happier than hearing all the things our patients are able to do now because they’re no longer living in constant pain. Our process is hard work. It’s a huge victory to hear stories about fathers being able to dance at their daughter’s wedding, grandparents playing in the backyard with their grandkids, or retirees finally being able to take that trip to Asia with their spouse because every step isn’t a painful struggle. We want to hear all these stories and more! Our success is measured by the progress our patients make. The relationships we create with our patients are beyond value. As we start 2019, I want to thank all the patients who have trusted us to help them get out of pain, who are on the journey with us today, and who have sent friends and family to us in the past. Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing what we will do together in the future!

–Dr. Bao Tha i

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