LintEater Operator Manual

Operating Instructions

Recommended Drill 

Set on middle setting or lower

Any cordless drill with a 3/8” or 1/2” chuck with an adjustable clutch will work.  

Setting the Clutch on your cordless drill  a. Adjust clutch to a setting in the middle of   the range or slightly lower.  b. You should be able to hold the properly adjusted  chuck with your hand & prevent it   from spinning yet there should be a fair amount  of torque. 

 Turn to adjust clutch 

Connecting the Rods 

Option 1  To connect the rods, simply screw them together and tighten with two pairs  of pliers. Proceed to step 4 below.  Option 2  This method requires a great deal of caution but will speed up the cleaning  process. 

1. Start the threads by hand to insure that they are not cross‐threaded. 

2. Insert the other end of the rod into the drill chuck. 

3. Spin the rods clockwise while holding the rod you are connecting to. 

4.  ALWAYS use a small piece of electrical tape or duct tape around the joint of  the fittings after tightening. 

Use Electrical Tape or Duct Tape to Secure  Each Connection

Important : Always spin the drill in the Clockwise Direction as the rods may come apart even if tightened with  pliers & tape is used. 

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