LintEater Operator Manual


 Determinewhattypeofmaterialwasusedfor venting.  1. This can be done by looking into the exterior vent hood with a flashlight.

2. It can also be determined by placing the end of a FlexRod into the vent approx. 12 to 18 inches and tapping on the inside of the vent. Listen to the sound that the steel fitting on the rod makes when it contacts the inner walls of the vent.

3. White vinyl or foil venting will make a dull sound while rigid or semi-rigid venting will have a positive metal to metal sound and feel.


The LintEater is designed to clean all types of venting. However, extra care must be taken when cleaning white vinyl or foil.  Caution! WhiteVinyl and Foil ventingshouldbereplaced withrigidorsemiͲrigidAllMetalventingif possible.


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