Office Environment Close your eyes and think of Google, Apple or even eBay. What comes to mind? Most likely you’ll think of a company with goliath sales and an office full of slides, napping pods, break rooms overflowing with free food and even a theatre as a meeting room. There’s no expectation for a Molly Maid office to have this type of budget, but it does beg the question “what CAN we do in our office?”

The office environment encompasses many avenues. See below for a list of options for your office:

Warm and Friendly 

Is your office inviting? Would you feel comfortable hosting an owner meeting and showing off your building? Maybe a fresh coat of paint and some decorations would go a long way.  Do new applicants feel a sense of community when they enter the front door? It’s their first impression of what it will be like to work for you, make sure it’s a great one.  Do you have outdated items on the wall? Maybe there are old decorations from Christmas still showing or its April and those Valentine’s Day hearts are still pinned to the cork board. A clean office says that you’re professional. The opposite is also true. If you could star in the show “Hoarders” you might want to consider asking for help. Maybe you need to call Molly Maid? Hold your staff, and yourself, accountable to keep your place well- maintained and presentable.  Organization is the twin to cleanliness. When we train our HSPs to clean homes we emphasize on organizing as well. A home/office that is well organized FEELS cleaner to those working within its walls. Are you showcasing the current employees in your business? It can be difficult to stay on top of this, but the work will pay dividends. Putting photos on the wall is a fun way to celebrate with your staff. However, if the pictures are old, outdated and of employees that no longer work there, you’re simply reminding everyone that there’s no expectation that they’ll be around for the long haul.  A great way to showcase employees is by their longevity. Group employees together by their years of service. For example, make a stars that say “1 year”, “2 year”, “3 year” and so on. Under these stars pin your employee pictures. As they stay longer they will be moved to the next star. It’s a wonderful way to get a snap shot of your employee longevity.  Post photos for doing a great job, or of anniversaries and birthdays. See below some examples of different offices:

Clean and Organized 

Current Photos 

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