Meetings One of the most important rules about meetings is to “make them count!” The majority of people would rather skip a meeting all together than attend a meeting that doesn’t really matter. Be organized and have a purpose.  Start your meetings at a specific time  Encourage others to partake in the meeting. For example, have the quality manager discuss hot topics or have the estimator talk about customer expectations.  Make your meeting interactive. This will keep employees engaged and on their toes.  Teach employees their role in the business and how they directly impact the customer experience.  Hand out rewards, awards and food  Thank your team! Events/Celebrations Remember that you set the tone for your business. You cannot discuss celebrating and fun if these are not items that you take seriously. There’s a balance between having fun and holding employees accountable. You can do both.  Once a month celebrate with a large cake for all birthdays and anniversaries since last month’s cake. This way you don’t risk inadvertently missing someone.  Reward employees for Listen 360 feedback. Some offices will hand out $1 lottery tickets to employees for every 10/10.  Host office parties for Christmas or mid-summer. Take pictures and post the smiles on everyone’s faces.  Make a big deal out of someone being promoted. Talk about it during your meetings and celebrate as a group. The promotion of an employee is a reminder to everyone that you can have a career with Molly Maid.  Live the Code of Values. When someone upholds a Code of Value, make a big deal about it. Help others understand the importance of their actions.

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