Thank you Jamie Grosvenor for this program-

We give out a $15 GC to each team member once a month to the one team that has the most compliments for that month.

Star Board Extra Incentive

Thank you John Cohen and Adrienna Martin for this program-

For no complaints, no cancelations, and being at work for every scheduled shift for one month- receive a $25 Gift Card- just for your doing your job well.

Google Reviews

Thank you Mark Derylo

Below is a copy of the “Receipt” that was developed and announces the incentive / contest to obtain more “Google” reviews. We plan to use this receipt through the end of the month. As I indicated the idea was found on the MM discussion board and I think Brian LaFerriere was the initiator. About the same time he posted / shared what he was doing, Anna my Grandville office manager spoke to me about trying to figure out how to improve our on line reviews. She pointed out that we had I think it was 7 reviews and she felt was too weak to be relevant for most folks who use this information ect… I told her that I knew what Brian was doing and maybe we could duplicate it. The rest is history… We implemented this program in both businesses and the results have been amazing! When we began Grandville had 7 and Kalamazoo had 9. In a short period of time (about a month) we are close to 30 review in both locations and still climbing! My opinion is one of the keys to the program is the way it is introduced to the customers “the teams are participating in a challenge and the team will earn $10.00”. The customers in most cases really like their HSP’s and will go out of their way to help them. More so than helping the “business” which is less personal to them! The program has other benefits as well. We have receive a lot more feedback on regular customers that we don’t hear from even. Interesting that all of the but a few were 5 star ratings. We have found that our concerted efforts organizing contest based on and that show performance for HSP’s has made a huge difference to the Molly’s

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