Sales Thank you Ann and Jim Hindert for this program-

We just started paying an incentive to our office staff when they hit our goal of 12% or our stretch goal of 15%. We pay them .12% for the 12% goal & .15% if they hit the stretch goal. They will receive a year-end bonus of 1% of our total growth if we hit our goal of 12% for 2017.

Thank you Jamie Grosvenor for this program-

My office manager is paid a salary and I bonus her $125 if we hit our weekly goals, $300 if we hit a level and $250 if we hit a milestone. My field manager gets paid an hourly rate and she gets $90 if we hit our weekly goals, $175 for levels, and $150 for milestones.

My CSR is hourly and she gets $30 for our weekly goals, $100 for level and $75 for milestones.


Thank you Kathleen Laslo for this program-

For HSP's - Any HSP who has perfect attendance for a quarter will receive $100.00 bonus.

Last year and this year I will give 2 baseball tickets (maybe this year I will give 4 seats instead of 2) for a game to the Rockies to each of the office staff plus $75.00 in cash for parking and food. Thank you Sunny and Amita Gupta for this program-

In order to get a $20 bonus added to your weekly pay you must fulfill the following criteria

No Approved Absence

No Approved Early Dismissal No Approved Late Arrival No Unapproved Absence No Unapproved Early Dismissal No unapproved Late Arrival Take a Same Day Clean if needed

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Help the team if needed

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