PC Rate

Thank you Sunny and Amita Gupta for this program-

When our PC rate was going up early last year, we started tracking the last 8 week PC rate and started rewarding each RM $10/week if their PC rate was less than 2%. RM is responsible for the clean and sometimes the partner may not be fixed on the team. So, we can't give it to the partner. They should also have NO reclean/complaint/PC in the week they earn it. We post these numbers for ALL RM on a board and every monday when the board changes, they are very eager to see if they're getting the bonus. This has really brought our PC rate under control from 2.7% in 2015 to 2.3% in 2016. We also have a FT Quality Trainer who checks all initials/Occasionals/complaints etc. This bonus has led to getting the RMs buy-in in maintaining quality. This is also kind of killing multiple birds with one arrow. We have been hearing from our employees for many years that we don't give raises at Molly Maid. Their commission remains the same and each route cleans for Avg $2200/week. So the money they're making is kind'a fixed. Price increases have a little effect on their checks ut not too drastic. So, with this bonus, we tell them that raises at Molly Maid are in the form of a bonus that they can earn EVERY week on top of the their commission.

Thank you Harry Young for this program-

$100-$400 Quality Bonus – High Quality Cleaning results in fewer cancellations. The bonus for lowest cancellation rate each Quarter is $400 per team with additional bonuses of $300, $200, & $100 for runners up.

Thank you Kathleen Laslo for this program- PC - For HSP's - For one quarter if an HSP (not team because teams can change so much) has a PC rate of 1.5% or below they will receive an additional 1% for the entire next quarter.

PC - ALSO, if an HSP has a 0% cancellation rate for a quarter they will ALSO receive $100.00.

PC - For Office - (Actually Operation Manager and Field Supervisor). Any Team that receives a 1.5% or below cancellation rate the Operations Manager and Field Supervisor will receive $25.00 for each team.

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