Quality Control

Thank you Kathleen Laslo for this program- QC - Our Field Supervisor brings with her $1.00 candy, or hand lotion or sanitizer, chap stick, etc. and when she does quality checks and someone scores REALLY high or if they are getting a recheck and show improvement they get something from the Field Supervisor. This makes is more fun for the Field Supervisor and the HSP so they are not looking negatively on getting quality checked. QC - ALSO, if a customer calls before we call them and give a praise to a team or HSP they get a "flower" (this is a piece of paper that we hang on the wall for all to see. This piece of paper goes with the seasons. For instance we buy snowflakes, birdies, flowers, leaves, hearts, etc. from a school supple store that teachers use for bulletin boards and write the compliment on them. They are nice changes and make the office cute.) Anyway, if the customer calls us we write of the piece of paper "card" on the paper. This means at the next meeting the HSP's each get a $5.00 gift card to either McDonald's or Subway or Starbucks. If "card" is not written on the piece of paper they get a snack size piece of candy. If the HSP gets 5 cards in a month they ALSO will receive a $25.00 gift card to a gas station, or grocery store, or a restaurant, or Bath & Body Works, etc. OTC Conversion

Thank you Dave Reza for this program-

At the time of the one-time-clean an estimate folder is given or left for the customer. It includes our maid list of cleaning items, our customer service policies, the Molly Maid cleaning plan pamphlet and regular pricing for weekly and bi-weekly service. We follow up on the next day to see if the OTC went well and if they would be interested in regular service. We also offer a $50 coupon over the next three cleans to lower the price for the next three cleans.

The bonus is $25 each for the maids if the OTC customer switches to regular service. My CSR also is given $10 to convert the customer when she makes the phone call.

Thank you Harry Young for this program-

$100 – Tent Card Bonus – Do a High Quality Cleaning and leave a tent card and the customer takes ongoing service, you get $100 per team after 3 rd regular clean.

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