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May 2017

A CRM SUCCESS STORY How Goldman Equipment Gets the Most Out of Handle

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Through Handle, Goldman has been able to manage inventory and create consistent processes around trades and trucking.

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we’ve had countless companies implement our Handle software to great effect. I thought it would be a good idea to share a CRM success story with you to provide an example of the results of smart implementation. As you’ve heard us say before, every company is different, but there’s still a lot you can learn from businesses that have increased profitably with Handle CRM. This month, we’d like to share the story of Goldman Equipment. Goldman has been using CustomerTRAX for a very long time, and they’ve been able to do a lot with a software over the years. Handle is now a crucial part of many of their processes and a daily part of how they do business. Of course, they didn’t start out with such The first function of Handle that Goldman was eager to implement was our account management features. They wanted to have all of their account information in one systematized location — multi-faceted functionality.

ways. Knowing the exact details is critical to providing the right price and not leaving money on the table. The form Goldman created allowed them to track the additional information they needed to provide an accurate value and be able to look back and see what something was historically valued at. Not to mention it streamlined the input for their people. Goldman has continued to search for new ways to get value from Handle, and they’ve demonstrated they use the software to improve their team. They’re always looking forward to avenues to increase efficiency and achieve the goals they have on the horizon. Next month, we’ll cover another facet of Handle Goldman made great use of: delivery and service requests. We love working with them, and we are really impressed with all they’ve accomplished using our software. – Gordon Hilleque

somewhere where it would be easy to access and understand. They also wanted to automate the follow-up process with their clients so that customers didn’t feel that Goldman disappeared once a sale was completed. Handle’s fulfillment and follow-up features allowed Goldman to keep its messaging consistent and its service top-notch. From there, they began using Handle for inventory management. They sought a detailed, easy-to-access inventory that was not only simple to search, but also easy to update. Through Handle, Goldman could manage all of their inventory information in a centralized location that kept each team member informed of stock updates. Next up for Goldman was integrating their sales process into Handle. Goldman deals with a lot of used equipment trades, so they wanted to create a form for evaluating these trades. Equipment can be specialized in many different | 1

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