US Solar - October 2018


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O ur two-year anniversary was last month, on Sept. 15. Looking back and seeing how far my business has come since then fills me with pride and gratitude. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I amnow if it weren’t for

The vision we have at US Solar reflects on our staff and the work we do for each of our customers.“On a day-to-day basis, there’s a sense that we’re working toward a grand, achievable vision,”Desiree says.“I proudly see us making strides toward it every day, making it a reality. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and on the environment. My job is something that gives me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction on a personal level.” KyleWalker, another hardworking and dedicated teammember at US Solar, was impacted by our vision as well.“The compassion and sincere desire to ensure that the customer is always getting the best quality products and unparalleled service is what made my decision to join US Solar,”he explains. “The best moments of my job are working alongside the founder and leader of our US Solar team. I witness the dedication and commitment he evokes in every one of us! The fact that we can accomplish all of our goals and still have fun at the same time is incredible. Our team is awesome!” With all the time and effort we place on giving the best we can to our community, I make sure the same is put towardmy team. A teammade of such remarkable people— like Desiree and Kyle, who are passionate about giving back to the community— is what we’re all about. I want to take the time to thank everyone who has helped us reach this two-year anniversary so successfully. Thanks to all our current customers who believe in us and who have helped our local company thrive in just two years. By supporting your local companies, you are supporting your community and your local economy, providing local jobs for your neighbors.

the people who were there to support me, includingmy amazing staff. As the years have gone by, the team at US Solar has grown stronger and larger, and I couldn’t be happier with the people who are now part of my great team. When US Solar first started, it was with only one person, and nowwe’ve grown to nearly 20 members. I didn’t know howmy business would turn out when the idea first formed inmy mind. Most of the time, that’s one of the most significant deterrents that prevents people frombecoming future business owners— taking that initial jump into the unknown. I’mpleased that after two years, I’m standing where I am. I’ve met many remarkable people, and I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t decided to followmy intuition. We’ve always had a teamof fantastic individuals. We’ve had people come and go, like many businesses, but I’ve seenmuchmore growth than loss over the years. I believe a lot of this is because of howmuch energy we put into our work both in and out of the office. It’s thanks to each person I work with that this is possible. Desiree was a local US Solar customer before deciding she wanted to work for the company.“I saw first-hand the way the company was detail-oriented throughout the entire process,”she explains.“It made me want to be part of the US Solar family. And I’mpicking up different and exciting skills every day, which will helpme for years to come.”

Thank you for your continued support!

–Seann Gates

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WWW. J O I N U S S O L A R . C O M

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