Wake Forest Northeast Community Plan - December 2021





EXISTINGPLANS ANDRELEVANT RECOMMENDATIONS The evolution of the Northeast Community, specifically in recent years, has been assisted through the strategic implementation efforts of recommendations emerging from past plans and studies. The current planning process builds on the existing plans by consolidating many of the relevant recommendations (as shown below), many of which are still being either evaluated or are in the process of being implemented. 1.F

improvements along streets including new crosswalks, lighting, and sidewalks to facilitate walking in and around the Northeast Community. • Provide new opportunities for commercial development in the Northeast. • Provide resources for homeowners,

and increased awareness of relevant housing assistance

programs, home improvement resources, and relevant town ordinances including nuisance, trash, and recycling programs. • Build community capital through community events, clean up days, job training programs, youth and senior programs, and community organizations. • Increase transit options in the neighborhood, including those connecting to employment centers and surrounding neighborhoods, and provide affordable transportation programs for youth and seniors. • Prepare guidelines to address the design of new buildings and homes.


The following plans and documents were reviewed as part of this study: 1. Northeast Neighborhood Plan (2007) 2. Wake Forest Community Plan (2009) 3. Wake Forest Historic Preservation Plan (2012) 4. Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources Master Plan (2015) 5. Renaissance Plan for Downtown Wake Forest (2017) 6. Comprehensive Transportation Plan (2019)

While all of these plans included the Northeast Community, in some form, only the Northeast Neighborhood Plan from 2007 was developed for the sole purpose of planning the future development and growth of the Northeast Community.


The 2007 Northeast Neighborhood Plan outlined a strategy to enhance the social, cultural, and historic character of the Northeast by identifying the following needed public services, desired physical improvements, and economic development opportunities for the neighborhood. Following are the relevant recommendations: • Implement traffic calming elements

throughout the neighborhood and install/ updated physical

Chapter 1: Existing Conditions

Northeast Community Plan



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