Texan ENT Specialists - July 2020



JULY 2020

Satellite Offices:

601 A Leah Avenue San Marcos, TX 78666 Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

1009 W. San Antonio Street Lockhart, TX 78644 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month


R enee and I are going to be crazy busy this July. We’ll be moving into our new house at the end of the month. We closed back in May and have spent the last few months getting it ready for our family to call home. Renee has had her design gears turning since we first saw the place. She has her own interior design business, so remodeling the kitchen and the master bathroom are ideal projects for her. Audrey is also pretty excited, though I don’t know if she really gets what’s happening. She knows there’s a new house, but I don’t think she realizes that we won’t be living in our old house anymore. I’m sure she’ll be happy about the move once she realizes it means she won’t have to share a room with her new baby sister in the future. This move has been a long time coming. Since Audrey came along, we’ve had three people and two dogs squashed into our little two-bedroom home. When my parents come to visit, they have to sleep on a pullout Murphy bed in the living room. It’s a nice house, but with the new baby coming soon, we’re going to need more space. We’d rather not make the girls share a room. I can’t imagine that having two kids with conflicting nap schedules in the same room would be a smooth experience. Plus, we want HOME SWEET HOME “I lived in the same house from the time I was born until I was a senior in high school.”

A Busy Month for the Evans Family

to avoid having Audrey being woken up at 3 a.m. by a screaming baby. The new house is quite a bit bigger. Both kids will have their own room and we’ll have a guest room for my parents. Moving the family like this is a somewhat new experience for me. I lived in the same house from the time I was born until I was a senior in high school. Then, about six months before I went to college, we moved down the street in the same neighborhood. My parents still live in that house. They’ve lived in a total of two houses for the last 50 years. Talk about putting down roots. Moving to a new house isn’t something I really did when I was growing up, so I’m pretty excited to go through this now as a parent, looking for a place to raise my kids. I can’t say if we’ll stay in this new house for 50 years. Our situation could change and we might move again in five years, or this could be the house where our kids graduate high school from. Whatever the future holds, I’m looking forward to starting the next chapter of our lives there. The new house has a great backyard with oak trees and a view of the hilly country. I can imagine the kids and the dogs all running around and playing in the

backyard. We’ll also be within walking distance of a park with a playground, and I’m excited to bring the kids there. It’s going to be really nice. And with Renee working her magic, I’m sure the whole place is going to look really great.

–Dr. Seth Evans

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