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There's so many things and this past weekend, Dr. Yochum, Terry and I have been friends for over 25 years, and we talked about the difference even now today with the, not just plain images, but the MRIs, the sDr MRIs, I mean there's so many different things available for chiropracDc today that would give us more knowledge to give be`er care, and that's the ulDmate thing, the best care for the paDent. I agree. But, there's also a contradicDon you know based on our Dmes. We have an opiod epidemic, and the medical community has no answer to it. Their only answer is let's give them a different drug to hopefully take them off of another drug. We are a natural alternaDve when it comes to all of these people that are have been in pain for so very long and now we have the ACA trying to De up our hands in gekng our job done for these paDents and isn't that a contradicDon to the paDent themselves? I'd have to say yes because again, one of the things that I did this past weekend, was for the, at the foot levelers summit meeDng and that was one of the biggest topics we talked about how the chiropracDc treatment plan and the chiropracDc rehab plan is one of the key components today to help address the opiod epidemic that we have and I think if a person has been on those opioids for so long, which is now affecDve not only their bowels, their digesDon, but all these other things, swapping out drugs as you menDoned, is not gonna help at all, gekng to the root cause of the problems. You know before, when I went to school, we used to have these li`le different things. DC stood for doctor of caring. DC stood for doctor of cause. It seems today that DC stands today for doctor of compromise or doctor of consensus. I mean, I don't think anybody runs their office of consensus. It's whatever the doctor says, so I think we need to have what I call an aktude adjustment here. Keep in mind what's good for the paDent and the doctor must do what's right in their office. Why? Because you have to also have an obligaDon to protect yourself. Yeah, and you know, I always have to wonder, you know, just having been in pracDce for so very long, how does somebody really know if there's an underlying issue without taking an x-ray. You know, I wasn't one of those doctors that wanted to find disease process, but I wanted to know everything I could know about that spine so that I can be the master to uDlize my hands to help correct that subluxaDon and allow that person to express their health be`er and more vibrant and have a be`er life as a result of that. I feel like this is potenDally another a`empt to even squish the tradiDon, the philosophy, not just tying up your hands. You know, I'm not one of those people that sit back quietly and just let these things happen, that's why we're doing the show. We want people to know what's going on out there and I think we'll even for those people that subscribe that we send out transcript to this, we'll even include on the ACA arDcle as well as maybe the ICA guidelines so that people can actually see what's going on out there because we need to support the areas that support us as doctors of chiropracDc.

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