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I think the issue is just about the difference between treatment centered and paCent centered care. ChiropracCc ... and I work in the medical community [inaudible 00:32:21] medics, not as a medic, but as a chiropractor that provides specific chiropracCc services. And medicine has always moved towards a very treatment centric model. And that's part of the problem with spine, every person is geneCcally expressed in a different way and they come to us in a different package. And we have to figure that out and when you try to create a pathway that everybody's going to fit in to, really, in the end, that's going to lead to more drugs and more surgery. And we have enough of that. And I think that ... that's not to say that you're not an astute clinician that's documenCng your clinical raConale, that's important, and Mark menConed that. However, when that individual paCent comes in, if I have to make a decision that you've been to three chiropractors, they want to do surgery on you, physical therapy has failed. You really have to look at your mechanics. Them looking inside is a very, very important part of that and I don't want to be pigeon holed and having an inability to make a decision for a specific paCent that will help them, because there's a generalized guideline. We have to stay the course on the paCent centric care and not sucked it to, Stu, as you menConed it, the technical component which is more treatment centric care. Mark, before you go, I just want to add one thing to this from a doctor's perspecCve. And all of this comes back to increased risk from my perspecCve. But when we already are gehng reports that insurance companies are uClizing that arCcle already, to say well, your x-rays weren't necessary and we're not going to pay for them. And now the doctor becomes afraid to take x-rays because they don't want to have a dispute with their paCent about a bill. It becomes a big mess and the doctors start second guessing themselves and we wind up with increased risk to the paCent and to the doctor. Go ahead, Mark. All I can say is, listen, we're very apoliCcal and we work very hard being apoliCcal. But I can tell you, I was involved in chiropracCc poliCcs for a decade in the 90s, late 80s, early 90s. Almost a decade. And there's a lot of conspiracy theories, but when I was involved, we actually hired invesCgators and we got to the boMom of issues and it was amazing ... this was many, many, many decades ago that what we saw really made us ill of the ulCmate reasons why. And I'm not saying that's happening today. But it does lend a quesCon which the different ... you know, there's checks and balances, there's doctors who vote people in and out of office, there's House of Delegates. Which I hope this went through the House of Delegates, even though I've got some preliminary ... I've goMen some phone calls from people with some frustraCon about that. But, I can only tell you that there's a lot of people potenCally that can be hurt from this commentary. And the ... every organizaCon, whether it be the ACA, Stu-

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