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[inaudible 00:21:28] spearheaded this process, he's got a photographic memory for this kind of stuff, he knew right away that they were already missing studies that they should have included using their criteria. So, 54 studies, what happened was, we did found using their inclusion criteria and addiEonal 66 arEcles that they missed. So they missed 55% of the studies on the topic that they should have include in their paper. Now here's the ironic thing, out of the 66 papers they missed, only three of them showed no associaEon between surgical spinal curves and health. So somehow they misses all the arEcles that supported the associaEon between surgical spinal curves and health. We tried to publish this as a leSer to the editor and JMPT wouldn't take it. And so we indeed ended up publishing it in the American Journal of Clinical ChiropracEc, the AJCC, which isn't publishing anymore. So this is out there and this informaEon is there but you go back to the research and it's literally as strict as they want it to be to come to the conclusions that they want. And I think to you point Stu, why would they do that? It's to try to eliminate subluxaEon based chiropracEc care and in this case techniques that rely on follow up X-ray and the reason would be, in my view would look at why would they do this and it's probably the acceptance of the medical system. It's that step in the door. We can't get into the medical system if we're taking repeat X-rays and taking X-rays outside of medical guidelines because we don't fit in the medical model, so they have to eliminate that to make that step happen. To integrate chiropracEc into medicine. That's my point of view but that's pure speculaEon. But I think we share that viewpoint. Yeah. And I'm glad you brought that up about the study, and Deed Harrison indeed a friend of ChiroSecure in mind, we have utmost respect for the work he does and the research as well. And with that ... But ChiropracEc Bio-Physics is not the only technique that uElizes X-ray and X-ray analysis. I mean, let's go all the way back [inaudible 00:24:00], right of the back but any of the upper- cervical doctors rely on that exact measurement to be able to get their line of drive, their angle force, all of it. So there's so many things that are involved in this and I really appreciate Joe, you demeanor about it because as you can see, that's why I don't go on Facebook too much because I get fired up when somebody takes a stand without informaEon that's real or honest. And that's unfortunately a conclusion I'm coming to at this point because I can't find anything to the contrary. And we've talked so much at ChiroSecure about the stroke issue, which has nothing to do with X-rays, but it's about the public percepEon based on false propaganda being put out into the public creaEng fear, because the [inaudible 00:25:14] spend a million dollars on said, that people that haven't been to the chiropractor and don't plan to go, it's mostly likely they're afraid to get their neck adjusted. And this propaganda definitely takes a hold on the community. And my concern is, not only is there no reason on earth to have a negaEve stance on something that chiropractors used for over 100 years and sEll are uElizing very effecEvely, but it's going to give us the potenEal to create such a negaEve backlash.

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Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance - ACA Guidelines Part 4

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