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And I brought up about insurance companies saying, "Well, we're not going to pay because of the ACA recommendaEons." Well, the same gentleman said to me, " Well, the ACA has made it very clear that if insurance companies won't pay or this and that, they'll go and fight." Well. What are they going to fight? It's their guidelines and recommendaEons. And I know we've seen in the surge forward because one of the doctors had sent me an actual leSer referencing these guidelines in their denial to them, and we'll come up with that but all these things will take its toll not just on the chiropractor that pracEces chiropracEc, not meta-pracEc but it will also take it' toll on the public not ge^ng the care that they actually deserve, because they may wind up with doubt or fear. And that's always concern to me. Do you see- No, I totally agree. And that's the difference between this Choosing Wisely, these recommendaEons and guidelines. I mean we've had these guidelines, the guidelines upon which they're basing their posiEon, they've been out there for 10 years but they're not pushed into the public eye. They're not trying to influence people in choosing doctors, it's more of a scienEfic document. This is meant for public consumpEon and I think it does create that public percepEon problem for the profession. I haven't read these Choosing Wisely guidelines for the dental profession. I know that all different specialEes have them, but I think what you said there, what you described is the stack difference between a mature profession like denEstry who has changed over the years and evolved, but they do so for the beSerment of their whole profession versus chiropracEc where they take this opportunity, the ACA did to try to segregate the profession even further and try to create a public percepEon problem for a significant percentage of doctors out in the profession. And to me that's the issue with this process and with this guideline and the way that it was done. Now I also want to say, I don't think the majority of ACA doctors would agree with, especially these first two items. I really don't. And I think it was done behind closed doors like you said earlier, it wasn't brought to the membership. I honestly think if you had did a whole membership vote, I think the leaders might be surprised at those who would agree with number and two. I really do, because I know here in Idaho we have a very diverse group of doctors for example that comprise our associaEon board. And knowing those doctors when I showed this to them, some of them are ACA members some of them are ICA and most former NOCA, just like our general composiEon throughout the country. And preSy much across the board, everybody that I talked to when brought this up at our last meeEng, they were opposed to this process and like, "How did they come up with this? Why would they come out with this?" Was really the comments that we saw. Yeah, I'm so glad that you said that because that is one of points. Tell us what the purpose was and why did you do this and I can't get that answer. And you also said something a liSle bit clearer than I said earlier. We have so many thousands of doctors that we insure and take care of, we have tons of ACA members and we talk to them and the same consensus that we hear is that they're all upset and do not understand why their organizaEon would have Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance - ACA Guidelines Part 4 Page ! of ! 7 9

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