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allowed this to take place, but it's not even the whole organizaEon, I was told it's just this commiSee, that just went and did it. I heard that it wasn't even through the house of delegates but this gentleman said, "Oh, of course it was." Now I'm not sure. But either which way, we don't want put a cloud over somebody because they're an ACA member versus an ICA member or any other member. This isn't about the general populaEon of the profession, it's about potenEally 11 individuals coming together with an intent to make a change in the profession whether anyone agreed with it other than them or not. And that's just not how, as you said, a mature profession operates. And we do have splinters and it looks like those liSle minority splinters are creaEng a loud voice. UlEmately as just a last quesEon for you, how do you this impacEng the average doctor out there in terms of their pracEce these recommendaEons? And I think we talked about it a liSle bit, I mean certainly the insurance industries are going to be uElizing these recommendaEons especially with them being more in the public eye, and they're going to be using them against doctors that are taking X-rays. They'll be used to deny claims. I also would envision that state boards will also take them up and start looking at this as issue. That's probably my biggest fear, is that state boards will start looking at this and saying, "Well, this is what these guidelines, these recommendaEons are," and if you're taking X-rays outside of this then they might start looking at penalizing doctors and that's a major concern obviously, the regulatory bodies, insurance is one things and insurance is what it is. We deal with it every day and it's a hustle. But by the largest concern is the regulaEon side of things and we see things like these happening in Australia right now with uElizaEon of X-ray and X-ray privileges being stripped from chiropractors over there, largely stemming again from the poliEcs, the same debate that we're having here. And is that going to happen throughout United States, I'm not a prognosEc hater but I would imagine that we will see that trickle in and I won't be surprised if that happens in the next 12 months. Another great point and something to be aware of and on the look out for. And the doctors would be well served tom pay very close aSenEon to this, because this will create the potenEal for a wave coming over this profession and you're absolutely right about the licensing boards and that's something that I keep up with and will conEnue to. We know that the people on the federaEon of state licensing boards, it's something to keep line top of. So Joe, Dr. Betz, you're awesome, you brought a whole different perspecEve today which is what we were hoping for and I really appreciate that. You're a pracEcing chiropractor as well as someone that has been involved in the guidelines on X-ray specifically and the research, and you were tremendous today and I really appreciate you being with us. So for everybody else, please like us on Facebook so that you get to be noEfied whenever we have these types of events coming up and also don't forget on your smartphone, download the ChiroSecure app, it's free. You'll get not only all Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance - ACA Guidelines Part 4 Page ! of ! 8 9

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