Kinetix: How Posture Affects Back & Neck Pain

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This workshop is for you if you are… …scared because your world spins as you move or lay a certain way …exasperated due to dizziness when you move your head quickly …unsure of yourself…unsteady and can’t walk a straight path …afraid that you might fall…or fall again • The biggest #1 mistake most vertigo and dizziness sufferers make...and how to not make this mistake…and if you make this mistake…learn how to overcome it. • The 3 most common causes of vertigo, dizziness and balance problems. • A sure fire way to get the right treatment for the cause of your condition. When you come to the Balance and Dizziness workshop, this is what you will learn:

This workshop is ABSOLUTELY FREE but we are only taking 20 attendees… So call 352-505- 6665 NOW to reserve your spot.

And most importantly, you will see what successful treatment looks like…including one amazingly simple treatment, that takes less than 5 minutes, to fix a certain type of vertigo.

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