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This workshop is for you if you are… …scared because your world spins as you move or lay a certain way …exasperated due to dizziness when you move your head quickly …unsure of yourself…unsteady and can’t walk a straight path …afraid that you might fall…or fall again • The biggest #1 mistake most vertigo and dizziness sufferers make...and how to not make this mistake…and if you make this mistake…learn how to overcome it. • The 3 most common causes of vertigo, dizziness and balance problems. • A sure fire way to get the right treatment for the cause of your condition. When you come to the Balance and Dizziness workshop, this is what you will learn:

This workshop is ABSOLUTELY FREE but we are only taking 20 attendees… So call 352-505- 6665 NOW to reserve your spot.

And most importantly, you will see what successful treatment looks like…including one amazingly simple treatment, that takes less than 5 minutes, to fix a certain type of vertigo.

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

“Feel Younger. Move Better. Get Stronger.” 6 BENEFITS TO GOOD POSTURE

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If you suffer from back or neck pain, poor posture could be to blame. Poor posture can be a serious danger to your health. If you have poor posture, your bones are not properly aligned, which increases strain on your muscles, joints and ligaments. Poor posture causes fatigue, muscular strain and pain. In addition, poor posture can affect the position and function of your vital organs, such as your heart, lungs and intestines. Maintaining good posture can have a dramatic improvement on your back or neck pain, health, energy and the way you look and feel. Some of the perks of good posture include: 1. Constant exercise for your back and abdominals. Holding good posture takes effort and makes you use the muscles in your back and abdomen properly. 2. It greatly improves your breathing. Good posture makes room for your lungs to function at their best – rather than being compressed when you hold your body in a slouch. Good lung function has a healthy impact on all aspects of your body’s functions and helps to reduce pain. 3. Itprotectsyourorgans,bones, jointsandmuscles. Holdingcorrectposture reduces unnecessary strain and pressure on these body parts. Most neck TWO FREE WORKSHOPS EACH MONTH! WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? For Back Pain & Sciatica Sufferers: • Do you suffer with back pain or leg pain when you stand or walk?

and back problems develop from poor posture over time.

4. It prevents arthritis. With poor posture, unnatural pressure is placed on your joints, leading to wear and tear.This in turn can lead to arthritis. Good posture gives your joints the chance to function at their best. 5. It helps you use your muscles more efficiently. With your bones and joints in correct alignment, you are likely to feel more energetic since your body will require less energy to move about. 6. Itcanhaveadramatic impacton thewayyoufeel. Whenyouholdyourself in good posture, rather than a slumped one, you send signals to your brain that makes you feel happier and more confident. It also changes the way that people see you – you’ll appear more confident and assertive. Making simple changes in your daily habits can improve your posture and reduce your pain. Postural restoration at Kinetix Physical Therapy helps the body recruit the right muscles for the task at hand, improving pain prior to restoring function. Our experts have years of training in reducing back and neck pain associated from poor posture.

For Those With Imbalance Symptoms: • Have you fallen in the past? • Are you afraid of falling? • Has your balance become more unsteady? • Has your walking become more difficult?

• Do you have pain when you sit for long periods or drive? • Do you experience pain, numbness or tingling into your buttock, groin or down your leg?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions (or have a stubborn spouse or parent who is in denial) – The Back Pain and Sciatica workshop or the Balance and Fall Prevention workshop may be a life changing (and possibly life saving) event for you. Register by calling 352-505-6665, at or at Seats are limited so register today!


DIRECTIONS 1. Add rolled oats, ground flax seed, chia seeds, cinnamon, honey, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and vanilla protein powder to food processor. 2. Pulse until ingredients are blended (about 7-9 times). 3. Add mixture to a large bowl, add in chocolate chip. Stir to combine. 4. Form energy bite mixture into 1” balls and place on parchment paper lined baking sheet. 5. Cover and place in refrigerator for 2 hours. 6. Serve! . • ½ cup of peanut butter • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder • ½ cup of dark chocolate chips NO BAKE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER ENERGY BALLS INGREDIENTS • 2 cups of old-fashioned rolled oats • ½ cup of ground flax seed • 1 tablespoon of black chia seeds • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon • ½ cup of raw honey When your spine is not in proper alignment, the muscles, ligaments and joints are all under excessive strain, causing most episodes of back pain. The lower back supports most of the weight of the body and therefore is the most vulnerable to the effects of poor posture. Discs,whichprovidesupportbetween thespinalbones (vertebrae),arealso affected from poor posture. However, with good posture, the spine is in properalignmentand theshockabsorbingdiscsarenotassubject to injury. Often with poor posture, the spine will become fixed in an abnormal position. This leads to the constriction of blood vessels and nerves over time.Furthermore, thiscausesproblemswith the joints,discsandmuscles. It is importanttotakecareofyourspine.Goodpostureeliminatesmanyof the healthproblems thatcandevelopwhen thespinehasanunhealthyposture. Sinceyouperformmanydifferentmovementsandpositions throughout the day (sitting, standing, bending, stooping, lying down, etc.) it is important to learn how to keep correct posture. Maintaining good posture during the day results in less back pain. When you correct bad posture habits, the new and improved movements tend to become more automatic and require very little effort to maintain. At Kinetix Physical Therapy we train you on the best way to attain and hold your posture throughout the day. We help you relieve your back pain quickly while improving your posture for maximum, long term results!

Discover how our therapists can improve your posture and relieve your back or neck pain, allowing you to live a happy, active and pain-free life.

Call Today! (352) 505-6665

Patient Success Spotlight

Think Kinetix PT First Do You Have Friends or Family Who Can’t: � Move without pain � Bend and move freely

“When Ibeganphysical therapy, Iwasveryhopeless,becauseof twoaccidents justfivedaysapart fromeachother.Afteracoupleweeksofdoingstrengthening exercises for my back and also being consistent with exercising at home, I saw a difference with my body. The results at Kinetix were unbelievable. I am very grateful to have worked with my very skilled and professional Physical Therapists, Tony Cere and Scott Eddins. Not to mention, their assistants were great as well! They all played a part in my proper healing.“ - Aja I amvery grateful to have workedwithmy very skilled & professional Physical Therapists..

� Balance confidently and securely � Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle

Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing pain.



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Stand with your arms at your sides. Gently raise your shoulders and turn your palms outward such that your thumbs are pointing somewhat back. Feel your shoulder blades move together in your upper back. Keeping shoulder blades together, relax your shoulders down. You have now reset your posture. Practice moving your head or walking while still maintaining this position.

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