Annual Report 2017

THE PUBLIC PERSPECTIVE: INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE It is an honour to serve as the public representative on APEGA’s Investigative Committee, since my ministerial appointment on July 4, 2017. In my short time serving on the committee, I have found that it is well run and doing an excellent job of serving the engineering and geoscience professions and the public interest. It is holding APEGA’s members to the high standards expected of all professionals. The time commitment and dedication of committee volunteers and APEGA staff are exceptional and inspiring. A past issue was the length of time required for complaint resolutions. The Investigative Committee takes all complaints seriously and no complaint is ever left uninvestigated, no matter how trivial. The committee is working towards a more streamlined approach to dealing with matters that do not really affect the public or the professions. The quick resolution of these complaints should decrease the length of time taken to resolve all complaints. The complaint investigation process is thorough and comprehensive. All parties to a complaint are given adequate opportunity to present their cases. Complaints are investigated by experienced staff and appropriately designated professionals who volunteer on the committee. Investigative techniques and procedures are complex. All parties in a complaint feel they are correct and justified in the stances they take. It is the investigators’ job to present the facts objectively in a report to the Investigative Committee, while being aware of APEGA’s professional standards and image, and the public interest. The Investigative Committee is successfully fulfilling its mandate.

Ian McConnan, FCPA, FCA


APEGA Annual Report 2017

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