Annual Report 2017

THE LEGISLATIVE CONVERSATION CONTINUES APEGA had planned to make a joint submission to the Government of Alberta with the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), our partners in the regulation of professional technologists. Unfortunately, ASET is seeking to become an independent self-regulating organization, without the participation of APEGA. To that end, ASET made its own submission to the government, advocating scopes of practice for technologists without their requiring supervision by a licensed professional. APEGA strongly opposes ASET’s independent scope proposals because they would: • increase risk to public safety • allow complex engineering and geoscience work to be done by individuals without the appropriate education and experience • create two independent regulators for engineering and geoscience, which would be confusing and inefficient • create approaches that are inconsistent and incompatible with those of other provinces and territories We conducted a series of in-person, videoconference, and web-based consultations in late 2017, to present the facts to members about ASET’s position. More than 570 members registered for these events, and many others read or viewed our online materials. Our YouTube video on the subject received more than 2,000 views.

Reviewing the Numbers cumulative to end of 2017


Rounds of legislative review consultation sessions (spring and fall). Stakeholders shared their input on legislative change through • face-to-face meetings • surveys • email

40 Professional Engineers and Geoscientists who make up the champions collaborative, a group of professionals engaging members and permit holders in the legislative review process and leading discussions on proposed changes

• webinars • videoconferencing 4 , 240 Stakeholders who participated in consultation sessions 3,930 Stakeholders who completed legislative review surveys 200 Proposed legislative changes under consideration


Proposed recommendations examined during consultations and endorsed by Council

7 COMMUNITIES where in-person consultation sessions were held • Calgary • Edmonton • Fort McMurray • Grande Prairie • Lethbridge • Lloydminster • Red Deer


APEGA Annual Report 2017

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