POY Teen Handbook - English

Talking with your parents or guardians Establishing a line of communication with an adult you trust can make a big difference on your life: from influencing your decisions to not use drugs, to knowing you have someone to call if you’re in danger. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT • Be honest about your concerns • “I’m not sure what to do when Jenny’s sister offers me beer at their house.” • “I’m worried about Michael. He has been talking a lot about weed lately.” • Show trust • “I wanted to know what the expectations are for me in our family.” • “Can I ask you for some advice?” • Respect their opinions and keep an open mind • “I understand why you feel that way.” • “It makes sense to me why those are the rules.” • Ask for help • “If I’m at a party and something happens, can I call you for help?” • “If you aren’t available, who else should I call if I need help?” REFLECT: What do you think is your parent or guardians’ motive for wanting you to resist using alcohol and marijuana? Here’s our tips for starting that conversation:

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