POY Teen Handbook - English

Talking with your friends or peers It can be uncomfortable explaining to your friends or peers that you aren’t interested in drinking alcohol or using marijuana. But being honest with them is the best way you can ensure theirs and your own safety and wellbeing. Decide together to not drink or use marijuana underage. Make a Pact – Take the Pledge together! Have a Plan - Decide how you can help each other out of uncomfortable or dangerous situations involving alcohol and drugs before you go out. Pay Attention - If you think your friend is using alcohol or other drugs, talk to them or a trusted adult to keep them safe. Call for Help - Never let your friend drive impaired and never ride with someone who has consumed alcohol or other drugs. Call a trusted adult for a safe ride home or call 911 in an emergency. 1. 2. 3. 4.

13 Power To Take A Stand

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