POY Teen Handbook - English

WHY 21?

It’s illegal to drink under the age of 21, and depending on where you live, marijuana might be legal for adults recreationally, but it’s never legal for those under 21. No matter what, it is illegal and dangerous for anyone to drive impaired. We want you to be aware of all the reasons you should follow the law. Afterall, it’s 21+ for a reason. While some might contest the age of 21, they can’t dispute the research that shows that the 21 minimum drinking age law saves lives on and off the roadways. It’s BIOLOGY, not maturity. The brain is not fully developed until your mid-20s. That’s one reason why drinking alcohol or using marijuana is so harmful and dangerous for youth. The good news is that research shows that two out of three teens don’t drink. It’s important that you know and share that you are not alone when you take a stand against underage drinking. You can positively influence your peers by being an example of what making healthy and smart choices looks like.

Before we dive in further, test your knowledge about alcohol and marijuana! Scan to visit powerofyouth.com and take the quiz:

3 Power To Take A Stand

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