POY Teen Handbook - English


Alcohol is a drug that depresses the whole body, and impairment begins with the very first drink. Alcohol begins to slow down judgment, coordination, and reaction time. As alcohol levels get higher, breathing and heart rate slow down—and can even stop. Alcohol may come in many different forms, but no matter what, impairment begins when any amount of alcohol has been consumed.

Young drivers (ages 16-20) are 17 times more likely to die in a crash where alcohol is involved. Teens who start drinking underage are 7 times more likely to be in an alcohol-related crash.

Poly-Use: This happens when two or more drugs are consumed at once, in this case alcohol and marijuana. 1 in 3 youth who drink alcohol have also combined it with marijuana. We know that the dangers become even greater when marijuana is combined with alcohol. Students who binge drink are more likely to do poorly in school, be victims of dating violence as well as participate in dangerous activities such as riding with a drunk driver. Binge Drinking: A pattern of drinking when someone consumes 4 to 5+ drinks in about 2 hours.

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