POY Teen Handbook - English

Imagine being arrested for underage drinking or marijuana use. Now think about the embarrassment and disappointment from your friends, family, and even yourself. Add that to a list of other consequences impacting your home life, school life, and future goals. CONSEQUENCES

Life-changing Consequences

Social & academic Consequences

Legal & Financial Consequences

• Bad grades or failing scores • Impact to your permanent record • School suspension or expulsion • Loss of your scholarship or financial aid • Being kicked off a sports team or out of a school club

• Increased risk of addiction • Limits to your future job options • Hurting yourself or others, even death • Increased risk of sexual violence, unsafe sex, or unplanned pregnancies • Permanent IQ loss and brain damage

• Suspended license • Losing your after- school job • Expensive fines and legal fees • Criminal record • Mandated community service hours


REFLECT: None of the above risks are worth a night of “partying”. Think about the future YOU want. How would any of these consequences hinder you on your path?


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