POY Teen Handbook - English

The Art Of Saying No

It can be hard to say no when it feels like everyone else is saying yes. But don’t forget, less teens are drinking alcohol and using marijuana than you think. You have the power to influence others too.

Refuse to use

• Simple one-liners: “I’m cool” or “No thanks” • Offering an alternative: “I’d rather have something else” • Making an excuse: “I have a test to study for tomorrow” or “I’m really tired” • Giving a short explanation: “I really don’t like the taste” or “I don’t like the way it feels to be high” • Take a stand: “I don’t drink/smoke”

Suggest alternative activities

• “I heard that new movie was awesome. Do you want to go see it?” • “I’m hungry for sushi. Let’s go get some.” • “Did you see that new dance? I bet we could learn it.”


• “I have practice early tomorrow morning. I’ll see you guys later.” • “I have to go. I can’t risk getting busted.” • “My mom said I have to be home by 9.” • “Totally not worth it, I’m going to go hang out with Muhammad & Alisha instead.” • “I can’t drink. I have to be somewhere later.” • “I’m going to leave.”

9 Power To Take A Stand

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