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wraparound decal work. But these cheques are phony. They are fake documents drawn on a bank account that does not exist. The victim can cash the cheque, keep the $300 “salary” and then send the rest of the funds to a “wrapping company” located in Michigan, using ei- ther aWestern Union wire transfer or other money transfer method. The “wrapping company” will then send someone within a week to do the decal work. The trick to the scam is that the victim in the end is using their own money from cashing the fake cheque and depositing it to their own account.Themoney they transfer to the wrapping company is coming from their own chequing account fund. No one shows up later to do any decal wrapping but by then the scammers have removed all trace of their online trail, setting up a new website and email/text system to start all over and lure in another collection of victims using a different hijacked brand name.They depend on the victim’s willingness to believe that the detailed instructions and use of an overnight money transfer systemmeans the offer is legitimate. Companies which use vehicles with wra- paround decal advertising to promote their products do so through their own in-house advertising contacts, not through random emails or text messages. Anyone receiving emails or text messages or finding a website whichmakes this kind of offer should contact either their local police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, toll-free, at 1-888-495-8501 or report it online at www.


One of the latest warnings from police about con artists at work concerns an “easy money” scheme targeting people with cars, with special attention paid to young drivers who have just got their first vehicle. A scam is at work in the Eastern Ontario region involving a phone promotion scheme for popular beverages, including flavoured water and beers.The con artists have website set up and alsomake use of random emails and text messaging to lure victims with offers of “regular weekly salaries” just for letting their car, van, or truck serve as mobile adver- tising for soft drinks, bottled water, or beer brands. One well-known company which had its brand name hijacked for the scam is Clearly Canadian, an Ontario-based fla- voured water company. Other legitimate brand names may also be used as part of the lure in the fraud. The key to the scam is that the con ar- tists offer their victims the chance to make money for use of their personal vehicle as a mobile ad for a particular brand, using wraparound decal advertising. The victim is asked to apply online to the “marketing division”, which will then send a cheque for the first week’s salary plus up to $2600 in “expense funds” to cover the cost of the

description or some gold jewelery is asked to call Const. Melanie Dufresne at 613- 632-2729 or the CrimeStoppers toll-free confidential tips line at 1-800-222-8477. Homeowners can reduce the chance of burglary by making sure all windows and doors are shut and have secure locks set when they go out. Invest in a home security alarm system if possible. If absent on vaca- tion or overnight, arrange to have someone either stay on the property or come by to check on it and also to collect mail. The police also offer a free Safeguard Ontario Property Security Review of a resi- dence, with advice on home security im- provement. Phone local OPP detachments for either Prescott or Russell counties to schedule an appointment.

A number of burglaries in the Prescott-Rus- sell region over the summer months have prompted the OPP to remind homeowners that they need to review their home secu- rity setup. Police suspect an open window or an unlocked door may have allowed a burglar easy entry to a home on Front RoadWest in Champlain Township. The daytime break- in on July 26 is believed to have occurred between 10:20 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The suspect left the premises, taking a silver-and-white iPad and some assorted jewelery. Total value of the stolen goods is estimated at $2200. Anyone with information about anyone trying to sell an iPad of that

Travaux sur la rue Laurier Des travaux d’amélioration du système d’égouts sanitaires de la rue Laurier sont prévus du 19 septembre au 29 novembre. La zone de travail sera entre la rue Powers et l’entrée du parc Simon (au Centre communautaire Chamberland). La voie en direction Est de la rue Laurier sera fermée pendant la période de construction.Aucune fermeture complète de la rue n’est prévue en ce moment. Périodiquement, des résidences ou des commerces seront affectés par ces travaux. Lorsque l’accès aux entrées de cour sera bloqué, ce sera pour une courte période seulement. Les résidents ou propriétaires de commerces affectés seront avertis à l’avance par l’entrepreneur. – Maxime Myre Rabies prevention program The Ministry of Natural Resources is doing a “bait drop” project during the late summer season to help eliminate the risk of rabies in the Eastern Ontario region. MNR has contracted for an air drop of 30,000 pieces of bait containing the rabies vaccine over an area in the southern part of the region, including Wolfe Island, the Thousand Islands Bridge district, and around near Cornwall. The baits will help immunize most skunks, foxes, and raccoons within the designated area, who may have wandered up from the upper New York state region into Ontario, where there are confirmed reports of rabid raccoons. The bait drop will help to eliminate both the risk of a full rabies condition developing in any of these animals, and also prevent them from carrying the virus into other parts of Eastern Ontario and Southern Ontario during their wanderings. – Gregg Chamberlain


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